The time has come for another vegan food and drink roundup! There have been so many new vegan goodies being released, and hitting supermarket shelves, so it doesn’t look like these roundups are going to slow down anytime soon. Hope you enjoy!


The Goodness Project – Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are like having your birthday every month! It’s so good to see vegan subscription boxes popping up all over the place, and we are huge fans of The Goodness Project. They offer quality free from gifts, subscription boxes and healthy supplies for offices. Their aim is to bring the best vegan, plant-based, organic, natural and free from products and fantastic gifts to you and your loved one’s doorstep to enjoy. We tried out one of their lovely subscription boxes filled with tasty vegan treats, and thought it would be a fantastic gift idea for a vegan friend or family member. What we love so much about The Goodness Project is that they have so many different kinds of boxes to choose from e.g. ‘Pamper Hamper Gift Box’, ‘The Little Treat Box’, ‘Organic Goodness Healthy Natural Hamper Gift Box’, and there are so many more on offer – look for yourselves!

This box is available on their website.


Flyte – Clean Energy Drinks

Flyte is an ultra-premium, all natural energy drink brand that essentially includes a double shot of organic caffeine. The organic caffeine is harnessed from pure and anti-oxidant rich unprocessed, unroasted green coffee beans. We were so intrigued at the idea of a drink having more caffeine than a cappuccino?! The drink contains Maca Root, which is high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, copper and iron to aid focus and concentration. It has been used for thousands of years in South America. The best part is that every bottle has less than 40 calories! There are two flavours available, Green Mango and Red Berries – the berries was definitely our preferred flavour. We can certainly say it’s a lovely ‘pick-me-up’ drink to have during a long day.

These products are available on their website.


Holy Moly – Guacamole 

Holy Moly produces its guacamole range using traditional recipes and by combining the best avocados in the world with cutting edge science. The brand was the first in the UK to create fresh guacamole dips using High Pressure Processing (HPP). This all-natural process is commonly used in cold-pressed fruit juices and doesn’t use chemicals or high temperatures, preserving the taste, texture and nutrients of each avocado. We are so happy that this brand is in Sainsbury’s, us poor vegans haven’t had the luxury of being able to buy pre-made guacamole dip for all this time! We tried the original guacamole and the spicy guacamole, both of which were bursting with flavour as well as lovely and smooth.

These products are available on Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, and more.


Seggiano – Pesto & Pasta 

Seggiano is an authentic Italian food brand, that originates in Monte Amiata, South Tuscany. The vast array of premium products promise a taste of Italy in your very own kitchen – and we truly agree! We had the pleasure of sampling their signature Raw Basil Pesto, which is made from virgin olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh basil, pine nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt. This was one of the best pre-made pesto sauces we have ever tried, and it’s amazing that it’s all vegan! We paired the pesto with their gluten-free rice and teff tagllolini, which you wouldn’t think was gluten-free at all! This made for such a tasty dish, and we will 100% be having it again! 

These products are available on their website.


A huge thank you to Flyte, The Goodness Project, Holy Moly, and Seggiano for sending over these fantastic products for us to review – these blog posts wouldn’t be possible without wonderful companies allowing us to try and review their wonderful vegan products. Be sure to check them out!

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