Noughty – To The Rescue Range

If you have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair, please listen up! We cannot stress enough how incredible Noughty products are. They are so affordable, easy to get a hold of, have lovely packaging, and they truly work. It makes our day when we discover natural products that work just as well (if not better) as products that are full of chemicals! The Hair Treatment is one of our favourite Noughty products, as you get such a generous amount, and it really encourages you to have some me-time. Your hair will 100% feel softer and lighter after using this treatment!

These products are available from their website and Superdrug.



Malavara – Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir

First of all, you can tell how luxurious this product is just by the gorgeous bottle that it comes in. This hair elixir is made from 9 natural extracts and cold pressed oils known to have a molecular structure small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, making hair healthier and more lustrous. It also contains Hairy Basil Root, which helps protect and repair collagen, reinforcing the dermal structure on your scalp and strengthening your hair. Before you think it, it isn’t the same basil that you put on your pasta! We have mainly been using this as a scalp massager, as it supposedly nourishes the hair from its roots! Not only is it great for your hair health, but it’s good to have a little self care time too.

This product is available from their website.




Design.Me –

A volumising powder spray in a pump?! This is definitely the first we have heard of such a product. We are big fans of the Design.Me ranges, their packaging and branding is so cute and colourful – how could you not love it?! This product gives instant volume, and it’s odour and mess free, too. The Puff.Me spray is made for normal to thick hair, and creates the perfect texture for updo’s and braids. We have been spraying this roughly 4 inches away from our hair (focusing mainly on the roots) and it has actually been making a difference. The texture that it gives your hair is definitely our favourite feature of this product.

This product is available from their website.



Natural World – Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil

Argan oil makes the hair shinier, silkier, and softer, so it’s usually a good sign when it’s the primary ingredient in a hair care product. This exotic oil from Morocco is particularly rich in nourishing Vitamin E and anti-oxidants and it has been used for centuries by Berber women to achieve beautiful, healthy hair. We have been using this on the ends of our hair after showering, and it works a charm. You get a good amount in each bottle, and it’s a great travel size.

This product is available from their website and Tesco.




A huge thank you to NoughtyDesign.ME, Malavara and Natural World for sending over these fantastic products for us to review – these blog posts wouldn’t be possible without wonderful companies allowing us to try and review their wonderful vegan products. Be sure to check them out!

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