We love trying out new vegan friendly drinks here at VV TV… and there are some lovely, healthy drinks coming out at the moment too… all without scary ingredients…. we do prefer glass bottles where ever possible too and hope that this is that all drinks companies can move towards…. 
So firstly we have a super range from Belvoir Fruit Farm…. we particularly love the Elderflower & Rose Cordial and their Lime & Lemongrass Cordial. Their lightly sparkling Ginger Beer, Raspberry Lemonade, Cucumber & Mint were delicious – and proves that we do not need aspartame! Belvoir Fruit Farms is a family owned and run business that makes premium adult soft drinks including a range of cordials, lightly sparkling Pressés, gently functional botanical based drinks and a new range of alcohol-free ‘wines without the hangover’. 
All of their drinks are hand made and bottled on the farm using 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colourings, preservatives, additives or sweeteners. 
Where possible they use British grown ingredients and in fact, for the product for which they are best known, Elderflower Cordial they use elderflowers harvested from their own 80 acres of elderflower plantations (the only ones in the UK) and those picked from the local hedgerows.The recipe is a family one and is still used today and they have won many awards for their drinks. We love that they come in glass bottles and contain no nasty ingredients. 

Sometimes you may try a juice and it tastes nothing like the fruit or vegetable that it is supposed to be. MELLO is the opposite – we could not get over how much this tastes of fresh watermelon! 
MELLO cold pressed juices come in 2 flavours – both with individual health benefits and most importantly 100% natural.
MELLO Watermelon juice is full of natural sugars which counteract symptoms of a hangover as well as being jam packed with amino acid arginine which enhances fat burning properties! The refreshing tasty Watermelon juice rehydrates, repairs and replenishes your body. 
MELLO Cantaloupe juice offers a naturally juicy taste acting as an instant fix to your sugar cravings as well as having high levels of Vitamin A & C restoring your body with energy and boosting your immune system. Cantaloupe is known as the ‘beauty’ fruit because of it’s beauty boosting benefits, clearing up acne and helping reduce dry skin. 
We are huge fans here of water and interested to hear that Deeside Mineral Water is proven to naturally have anti–oxidant and anti–inflammatory properties within the water.  They have carried out lots of clinical trials to  prove this water can reduce inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis.  
Studies found that drinking at least 500ml of Deeside Mineral Water each day reduced the blood ESR and CRP measurements which affect lower joint inflammation.  The benefits were found after 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use and were statistically significant.  Further research studies prove anti-oxidant effects in Deeside Mineral Water, which mean it protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, which are linked to the disease and ageing process. 
The spring dates back to 1760 and was when it was found for it’s ‘healing affects’ back in the 18th century – it is why Ballater (near Balmoral and where the Spring is in Scotland) became a spa town.  
Thy have just launched their sparkling water which is at the moment online only.  The rest of Deeside Mineral Water can be found in supermarkets across Scotland and Waitrose across the UK.