Great to hear about this new vegan friendly omega 3 oil and especially as vegan omega oils are not that easy to find… even in health food shops. This is a reasonably priced vegan friendly algae that we have started to take on a regular basis here at VeggieVision TV. 

Did you know that Omega 3 is naturally produced by algae, not fish? 

Vegan Vitality Omega 3 Algae Oil is the healthier, kinder & more environmentally friendly alternative to fish oil.

The team tells us; “Most of the benefits are long term, I do find however that Omega 3 really helps with my mood, so you may find that a short term benefit that you notice!”

As fish contain Omega 3 because they eat algae, Vegan Vitality Omega 3 Algae Oil is farmed directly from algae not fish. This gives you a super concentrated vegan omega 3 source with all the benefits of fish oil, but without the fish!

Their capsules contain the highest quantity of vegan omega 3 available at 300mg DHA and 150mg EPA per capsule.

“Tell us some more benefits of Vegan Vitality Omega 3 Algae Oil guys….!”

  • PURER THAN FISH OIL: Our Algae oil doesn’t contain any of the contaminants found in fish oil such as hazardous substances like heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. And no fishy smell!
  • 100% SUSTAINABLE: 25% of the global fish catch is used for the fish oil industry. As fish get their Omega 3 from Algae, this is completely unnecessary and unsustainable.
  • SAME BENEFITS AS REGULAR FISH OIL: WITHOUT THE FISH! Omega 3 benefits the heart, eyes, joints and brain.
  • 100% VEGAN: Or product is 100% vegetable based and grown in a 100% contamination free environment
  • 300mg DHA + 150mg EPA PER CAPSULE: Our super concentrated capsules provide the highest quantity of Omega 3 per capsule available, more than you will find in other algae oil products.
  • NO FISHY SMELL! Our Omega 3 doesn’t smell funny or leave a nasty aftertaste
  • SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE TO FLAXSEED:  Studies have shown that the chemical structure of Omega 3 from Flaxseed doesn’t transform into nutrients as easily as Algae oil.

Great to see this is a 2 months supply in each pot!

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