5 Vegan-Friendly Body and Hair Products You Can Make Yourself at Home

Craft supplier Cosy Owl has created five vegan-friendly, easy ‘do it yourself’ hair, skin and body care...

Quick Protein Packed Vegan Beef Stir Fry

A delicious and quick vegan meaty stir fry – easy and quick … perfect for the evening after a...

The Vegan Songstress Releases New Track All of The Animals

Irish singer-songwriter Jennifer Faust, The Vegan Songstress releases her first vegan-related track, All of...

The Vegan Society Welcomes European Parliaments Rejection Of Ban On ‘Dairy Words’

The Vegan Society is pleased with the European Parliament’s decision to reject a ban – meaning that ‘dairy’...

Top Tips for Pimping Your Veggies This BBQ Season.

BBQ season is upon us and as swathes of sausages and burgers make their way to the grill, the humble...

Europe Rejects ‘Plant-based Dairy Censorship’ in Landmark Sustainability Battle

The European Parliament, The European Council and The European Commission have rejected Amendment 171, the...

UPDATE: McDonald’s Branches Forced to Close After Animal Rebellion Blockade Action

Well we do love vegan activism here at VV TV – peaceful of course and hitting the headlines for the...

Finding Out More About Vegan Collagen

A FAQ here at VeggieVision TV and one that we also see on social media a great deal is about vegan skincare...

British VEGAN Brand Launches in The USA!

After being inundated with orders from the USA, dynamic British vegan entrepreneur Lorri Delahunty decided...

Soya is Safe and Healthy – Updated Guidance for Health Professionals Based on New Academic Research

  There’s been a raft of new research exploring the safety and health impact of consuming soya...

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