Belgium born Chef Danielle Maupertuis is the UK’s leading Executive Vegan Pastry Chef as well as an author, presenter and trainer at The Vegetarian Society.

Chef Danielle has over 40 years of worldwide professional baking experience and is concerned that we are losing the art of cooking and baking.

Through Danielle meeting and talking with clients and people attending her cookery demos she is discovering that people spend more time watching cookery TV programmes than baking themselves.

“We are losing the art of baking and I want to do something about this. In my demos I have been asking;

When was the last time you baked from scratch?

When was the last time you baked with your son or daughter perhaps?”

The answers are not positive.”

Baking is a stress reliever, and it helps you switch off – you have to focus on what you are doing. Danielle has chatted with some people who say that baking has boosted their confidence too.

Danielle feels that not only are these magic moments creating such wonderful memories these times are also educating your children so they have a lifelong skill. Baking helps them make decisions and shows them how follow instructions.

Danielle bakes with her grandson and they all have the most wonderful time.

“Be prepared for mistakes of course – however that’s part of the fun! We learn by our mistakes – if something is baked for too long or not whisked up enough – you will learn and be better for next time.”

Chef Danielle’s personal tips include getting ready in advance.

“Go shopping a day or 2 in advance – take the recipe book with you and be prepared as you may need to visit a few supermarkets or local shops to find some ingredients. Go shopping with your child and set them tasks of finding some of the ingredients.”

“You can of course order ingredients online as well however get everything sorted out in advance – preparation is key.”

Chef Danielle’s passion is teaching others to make the most stunning and delicious plant based and gluten free treats as well….  And does this through her cookery book, online courses as well as one on one sessions.

“Be guided by a professional who has made the mistakes for you! Follow good recipe books step by step until you are confident to be able to out your own spin in the recipe. Or invest in an online course – like mine of course! We show you step by step and you can see of course what the consistencies looks like to make sure yours is the same.”

“I champion vegan desserts and my recipes are perfect for everyone – not just vegans! I have people with dairy intolerances, allergies, people who have taken part in Veganuary or even want to avoid cholesterol – and vegan desserts are cholesterol free. In fact my clients also are just simply dessert lovers!”

The online courses Chef Danielle offers give all of the necessary steps and tricks to ensure your vegan desserts are simply “magnifique” as they say in French!

No flashy graphics and fancy editing – Danielle just focuses on all what you need to improve your dessert skills – and perhaps to impress others making your own delicious plant based desserts.

The 1st course Danielle offers teaches you how to use the main vegan substitutes in pastry and increases your self-confidence in vegan baking through 5 iconic English desserts.

Photo credit Darrin Jenkins

Learn How to Make Vegan and gluten-free:

  1. Sticky Toffee Pudding & Toffee Sauce
    2. Chocolate Fondant with Mango Coulis
    3. Bread & Butter Pudding with Apricots & Pecans
    4. Eton Mess
    5. Mango & Passion Fruit Cheesecake

And this course has free downloadable pdf Guides.

Level 2 will explore some more elaborated, fine dining desserts, and teach you how to master taste and texture combinations.

This in a trip around the world, from the USA and its iconic pecan pie, to the UK with an exotic pineapple crumble, and then to Germany (Black Forest) and France (Le fraisier). A modern twist will pave the way for new ideas and empower everyone – Foodies, Chefs, Business owners.

Who are the courses for:

This course is an invite to vegan enthusiasts who want to create impressive desserts they are proud of.  Also an exclusive invite for Chefs and business owners who want to offer their guests a fine dining vegan desserts menu.

Courses content

 A list of ingredients to help you prepare.

  • A livestream Masterclass explaining each recipe step-by-step.
  • Some useful websites to choose the best ingredients and equipment.
  • At the end of the course, a downloadable pdf Guide Book detailing all the recipes, ingredients and method.

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