Here comes the SUN: RINGANA presents new summer products…. and needless to say – everything is VEGAN!

Even if the weather in May still doesn’t quite seem to know what it wants, the sun’s getting stronger all the time, increasingly priming us for the summer. So, naturally, we want to get out into nature! Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a more demanding hike, or a long weekend at the seaside, there’s one important thing to remember: if we want to enjoy the sun without concern, we should start thinking right now about the proper protection during and after our time outdoors. And we also need to look after our tired legs. And to deal with all of this, RINGANA has come up with some new ideas: our brand-new care spray FRESH light legs, an extra serving of sun protection in the shape of FRESH sunscreen SPF 50 and our reformulated after-sun care FRESH after sun & tan booster:

An extra serving of sun protection: FRESH sunscreen SPF 50

The ideal way to provide an extra serving of sun protection to exposed parts of the body which are particularly vulnerable to the sun – such as the nose, ears, back of the neck and shoulders. FRESH sunscreen SPF 50 is a perfect complement to FRESH sunscreen SPF 20.

The water-in-oil emulsion provides instant protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, sunburn and premature ageing, and it relies on natural, mineral sun protection filters – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Seasonally limited FRESH sunscreen SPF 50 is entirely free of microplastic and synthetic UV filters. This nano-free, waterproof suncream contains an effective natural antioxidant complex based on karanja oil, aloe vera and oat extract which also strengthens the skin barrier and regenerates. Aloe vera, ectoin and bisabolol soothe inflamed skin, and relieve mild redness and irritation. 125 ml available for £24.53

The care all-rounder: FRESH after sun & tan booster

FRESH after sun & tan booster is great because you can use it in so many ways: firstly as a soothing moisturiser before and after sunbathing, which will also boost your tan. If used regularly after exposure to the sun, your existing tan will be intensified and maintained thanks to an extract of Porphyridium cruentum alga.

Next, you can use it to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun and to stimulate tanning. Because the natural erythrulose in FRESH after sun & tan booster means that you can also use it all year round as a delicately bronzing, light body milk which is quickly absorbed and feels pleasant on the skin. 125 ml available for £23.84

Tip: For the best-possible (self-) tanning results, we recommend that you prepare your skin beforehand with FRESH scrub. For the after-sun grooming effect, you’ll need to exfoliate beforehand.

Protection from inside and out

For additional protection from the inside, RINGANA has CAPS protect – real all-rounders when it comes to protecting you against free radicals caused by the sun’s rays, air pollution or blue light.

At the same time, flavonesanthocyanin and hydroxycinnamic acids from blood orange extract encourage an even tan. For all-round external protection against sun-relating skin ageing, try our popular FRESH sunscreen SPF 20: with its waterproof, nano-free formulation and zinc oxide as a natural mineral sun protection filter, it has become an essential part of the RINGANA range.

And specially for the sensitive facial skin, there’s our quickly absorbed FRESH sunscreen face SPF 15 with cotton extract, which offers broad-spectrum protection against UV rays, blue light and infrared light. White horehound and maritime pine combat environmental influences that harm the skin, and also strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

A blast of freshness for tired legs: FRESH light legs

Lots of people suffer more from heavy legs when the weather warms up, but this may also be a problem after a hike, or after standing or sitting for a long time at work. Thanks to powerful magnesium salt, our new FRESH light legs relieves water retention instantly, making tired legs, ankles and feet feel lighter. Plant extracts from horse chestnut and cypress stimulate microcirculation, and this in turn boosts circulation. Mint and ginger deliver instant refreshment, while Porphyridium cruentum alga reduces swelling and skin irritation. This revitalising spray has a relaxing effect, and noticeably soothes the leg muscles.

Tip for use: Shake the pump dispenser well before use, and spray the product onto your legs several times a day as needed. FRESH light legs can also be sprayed onto tights and socks. 125 ml available for £23.93

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