We all love products that help us feel and look wonderful – and without compromising our values… and we are delighted to tell you about these super products that we feel you will love too!

Nourish London’s Radiance Firming Facial Oil

Thanks to Nourish, we got to try out the Firming Facial Oil which smells fantastic, is easily soaked into the skin, and doesn’t feel greasy. We saw that it features Macadamia Oil and is rich in Omega 9 to support cell regeneration and reduce local inflammation in the skin. Vitamin C-rich Rosehip Oil helps build strong collagen. Borage and Pumpkin Seed Oil with their high levels of gamma linoleic acid help the skin reach optimum health and reduce sensitivities. The active ingredient is the ocean’s gift of healthy skin; an Algae extract with superior antioxidant activity to improve levels of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid in the skin to give a smoother firmer appearance.

“It really is a beautiful product.” Go to  nourishskinrange.com


We love Steenbergs Organic as they are completely focused on organic and ethical trading and SWELL is a brand new range of plant-based wellness products designed to be enjoyed as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.  Founder Axel told VV TV that the blends are unique combinations of organic spices and powders, chosen for their health benefits.

We had the chance to try some of the new range which includes Cacao & Turmeric Latte, Turmeric Latte and Cacao Chocolate Drink and they are delicious hot or cold with soya or nut milk. “After a long dog walk at the weekend, the whole family really loved a warming, sugar free Golden Turmeric Latte!”


SWELL Organic Cacao Chocolate Drink 250g £6.50
SWELL Organic Carob 250g £6.95
SWELL Organic Cacao & Turmeric Latte 250g £8.45
SWELL Organic Cacao & Turmeric Drink Mix (sugar free) 250g £9.95
SWELL Organic Inulin 250g £12.00
SWELL Organic Golden Turmeric Drink Mix (sugar free) 250g £14.45
SWELL Organic Turmeric Latte Drink Mix 250g £7.75

Freya and Bailey

Founder and skin care crusader Abbie Oguntade introduced us to Freya and Bailey products recently.  The range is made up of a whopping 27 different vegan-friendly products that aims to encourage us to adopt a healthy skincare routine, getting us ‘battle ready’ and helping to  protect our skin against toxins and pollution’s we unknowingly face every single day.

“I tried the Glo Up Dream Face Cleanser which smoothes & restores skin with essential fatty acids, The Restore Endurance Face Toner and the Quench Clarifying Face Moisturiser.  The products feel luxurious to use, smell delicious and made my skin feel so soft.  I love the website too as it has a tailored skincare regime page – “Skincare is personal. No two women are the same. We’re all unique and so are our skincare needs”.”

This is in our top ever favourites of skincare here at VV TV – our skin feels amazing.  Freyaandbailey.com

Odysea’s Molasses

Aegean Fine Food Producer, Odysea’s range of molasses make the perfect kitchen collective to put a Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean twist on your classic dishes. The grape, date, pomegranate and new carob molasses are all made with 100% pure fruit and nothing else.

We tried  Odysea’s Carob Molasses, as a sweet alternative to dark brown sugar which was absolutely delicious.  Cheekily, we also added Odysea’s Pomegranate Molasses into a couple of Saturday evening cocktails – now that is one to repeat!!

Do look at their website as they have lots of interesting recipes to try.

Odysea Carob Molasses, RRP £3.19

Odysea Organic Grape Molasses, RRP £6.99

Odysea Pomegranate Molasses, RRP £3.00

Odysea Date Molasses, RRP £2.70

Odysea products are available in Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Whole Foods, Abel & Cole, Booths and in Independent stores throughout the UK and online at odysea.com 

Sacla Sauces

Tasked with trying the new Sacla Vegan range, our reviewer created an amazing Vegan ‘Lasagne’ with the Sacla Vegan Bolognese Sauce and the Sacla Vegan White Sauce.

Browning a mixture of tasty vegetables, she added the Bolognese Sauce, then built up the lasagne layers using char-grilled aubergine instead of pasta.  The result went down a treat with all the family, apparently – there weren’t any leftovers for us a VV HO to try! Sacla.co.uk


Finally, our lovely reviewer took the Earlybirds ‘snack in a bottle’ into work to try.  He said they were an absolute godsend on a busy shift.

Earlybirds goal is to provide healthy and convenient solutions to breakfast and snacking while minimising their environmental impact thanks to their innovative sugarcane bottle.

The oat-based drink uses only the freshest ingredients and is currently in two delicious flavours: Berry Bircher and Mango & Oats (£2.25/bottle)Earlybirds.co

Our reviewer commented; “The texture is like a thick smoothie, and you can feel the oats in the mix so you actually feel like you’ve had a snack, instead of just a drink.  Both flavours are very tasty, it’s certainly a great product to have in the fridge for those manic days where you can only stop for a moment!”

With thanks to the lovely guys who send us super vegan products to test for you – so you know what is worth picking up too!