I was so pleased to be invited to try out the rather wonderful Stephanie Jeff’s spiralizer class – and even more thrilled when I could bring my son Callum along too. Although really for adults Callum grabbed the super and20150531_160619 rather pink apron that everyone is given and got stuck in spiralising all day with me. Well in fact I was rather just his helper.
Hand in hand with with Stephanie’s new book SPIRALIZE we made some super dishes including (my fav) Sticky Date and Pecan Noodles, Cheesy Chips and even Noodlekraut.
We enjoyed the foods during the day – and do remember some pots to take the rest home in. Well worth taking a day out with Stephanie and getting some great fresh and fun ideas.
Have you heard all about the latest clean-eating phase of making gluten-free non-pasta pasta called ‘courgetti’ with a spiralizer? Not bought a spiralizer yet? Never fear as you can join Stephanie Jeffs for the latest installment of her Explore Raw Cookery School, the SPIRALIZER MASTERCLASS, where you will learn how to use the latest must-have kitchen gadget.
You get to prepare exclusive dishes from Stephanie’s new book SPIRALIZE, AND you will also take home your own FREE spiralizer as a thank you for being part of this very special, limited edition Explore Raw Cookery School module.
So Stephanie please tell the lovely VeggieVision viewers some more….
“Well you may be wondering what all the fuss is about with Spiralizing and wondering why you don’t get it. For the love of tagliatelle will everyone just stop going on about a Spiralizer, right?!”
There’s more to the spiralizer than meets the eye. This baby can give you more than noodles.  I have been studying this gadget for some time. Playing with a range of machines. I have tried them all. I noodled myself a bit loopy at some points. Reconstructing lots of recipes that go way beyond the stir fry and into the realm of raw kitchen magic.”
“These dishes are not all raw (you can pick your jaw up off the floor now). They are all vegan. They are all clean eats. They are all awesome kick-ass ninja delicousness. They are all my recipes. Just some of them I cooked lightly.”
20150531_134827About Stephanie Jeffs
Stephanie is a qualified professional mentor, coach, trainer and a raw food expert. She has 20 years of coaching experience and 7 years of raw! She is an experienced raw food coach and trainer. She combines her skills to offer you a unique range of services to help you be the best you possible and bring your food to life! Your teacher is:

  • A passionate raw foods educator
  • The author of six raw foods ebooks
  • The author of ‘Spiralize’ with Pavillion Publishers
  • Has more than 10,000 hours training experience across a range of courses
  • An experienced food handler, chef and kitchen trainer
  • Has worked with chefs, students and personal trainers to develop their kitchen awesomeness
  • A fully qualified Food Hygiene Trainer, Coach and Facilitator
  • A qualified Food Hygiene Handler to Advanced level (Level 4)
  • Experienced at running high profile bootcamps and retreats and a highly regarded retreat kitchen
  • Regularly speaks at conferences, events and food festivals

To read more about Stephanie’s incredible story, and how she used raw dieting to overcome polycystic ovary syndrome and lose an incredible 9 stone, please visit www.exploreraw.com/stephanie/about.
For more information and to book NOW visit www.exploreraw.com where you can find out more about Stephanie Jeffs, and the complete Explore Raw offering including bootcamps, retreats, recipes, e-books, coaching and the full cookery school programme.