Every relationship needs to grow and flourish in order to sustain a sense of equilibrium and fulfillment. Lack of adventure can lead to ultimate stagnation and an inevitable ending. Incorporating a series of essential ingredients however, can ensure continuity and mutual development. Providing the right emotional content is perhaps the most vital component towards longevity.
The key to spicing up an existing relationship lies very much with perception, sincerity and a real ability to give and receive. In a loving union, these qualities are easily recognized and put into effect. The most important point to remember is that the art of consistency is an invaluable asset on the road to continued success. No relationship, regardless of apparent circumstances, can survive without dedication or constant awareness. Amiable communication together with spontaneous interaction, formulate the ideal conditions for both integral development and light-hearted fun and playfulness.
There are of course certain factors that can assist with the continuous growth of an existing relationship, not to mention, with the process of adding flavour and excitement, where perhaps conditions have been a little lackluster. The questions that should be explored include:

  • In relation to the time you have been together as a couple, how would you describe growth and emotional stability within the relationship?
  • How easily are moods, needs and desires expressed and understood?
  • Is there a certain amount of time that you manage to spend together regardless of external conditions and pressures?
  • Does communication feel sincere and fluid or is it rather forced and uncertain?
  • Have individual goals and ambitions worked in conjunction with the natural flow of the relationship?
  • Have certain individual priorities created difficulties as far as mutual development is concerned?
  • Do matters surrounding intimacy and sexual rapport feel instinctive, secure and happy?
  • Should there be discrepancies as regards intimacy issues, can there be dialogue and discussion without fear of reproach or adverse consequences?
  • To what extent is fun and playful enjoyment included into the day-to-day routine of the relationship?
  • What words would you use to define your partners expectations and contributions as far as the growth and stability of the relationship is concerned?
  • What words would you use to define your own expectations and contribution as far as the growth and stability of the relationship is concerned?

By carefully contemplating upon these questions and providing honest answers, certain facts should come to light. These may include habits and practices, which in the normal ebbs and flows of a union contribute towards stability and a sense of foundation. Examining these questions should also produce a more vivid view of areas that demand further inspection. Any long-term scenario can potentially fall prey to complacency and a periodic lapse in real emotional input and practical effort. While it would be impossible to sustain an exact measure of emotional and practical delivery on a daily basis, the quality of what is being demonstrated can differentiate between a relationship built upon successful growth and happiness and one whose roots are embedded in uncertainty and confusion.
The most compelling point to remember is that while the survival of any relationship will firstly hinge upon mutual respect and honest communication, its actual status and direction will be greatly governed by the surge of sparkle and vitality incorporated into its natural flow. The following points should also assist towards clarification of direction when a further contribution of excitement and flavour may be required:

  • An assessment of shared interests – To what degree do joint activities and pleasurable interests feature on an every day basis?
  • An assessment of social interaction – Is there unity and understanding where any individual or mutually orientated aspect of social life is concerned?
  • An assessment of intimacy issues – How does sexual rapport feature in the relationship? To what extent is there natural affinity and instinctive awareness? What role does dialogue play in expressing inner desires and introducing a more fulfilling outlook?

The timely injection of fresh concepts and spontaneous behaviour can provoke immense gratification within the boundaries of an existing relationship. The joy of reciprocal progression mixed in with the added flavour of individual traits and tendencies can provide the essential ingredients for a rich and unique recipe that will endure the test of time. Love’s greatest gift to a balanced and devoted union is the ability to give and receive without doubt or fear, blessed with a sense of innate knowing and total purity of heart.
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