We love the sound of Karma Feeling and have been testing out one of their bracelets. Our reviewer tried out the Weight Loss bracelet.Karma

“I have enjoyed wearing it and perhaps its a coincidence however I have been excising more, enjoyed a juice cleanse and trying different healthier foods too. The bracelet is comfortable to wear and I love the colours of the stones. I will continue to wear it and may even treat myself to another one soon.”

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years.  The Egyptians lined their tombs with them, the Romans wore them into battle, and today, you can buy a crystal to help you with pretty much anything.  These semi-precious stones can be found in jewellery across the globe, and it’s rare to be told what the crystal is, or the healing properties associated with it.
Karma Feeling jewellery is designed to save you the research – simply choose the 6 emotions or ailments you need help with and they will make a bracelet that is tailor made to support you or go for one of their ready designed bracelets ready with crystals to assist with improving sleep, finances, love, health and more .

Each individual gemstone contains healing properties, carefully selected to suit the needs of the wearer. Karma Feeling jewellery is a unique gift, lovingly presented in a branded gift-box. The bracelets are made from a selection of 100% natural crystals. Each stone embodies individual healing energies, the meaning behind each gemstone is explained in detail on the informative and interactive website. Combined, these stones create the ultimate expression of positive energy.
Owner of Karma Feeling, Gaynor Lawn explains the ethic behind the business:

“The jewellery market, particularly the charm businesses largely sell jewellery based solely on aesthetic. Karma Feeling believe that you get back from life what you put out and we reflect this in our jewellery.  Our customers receive a unique and stylish tailor made product that is made to compliment the wearers needs. Karma Feeling has tried and tested the healing properties of each individual bracelets and encourage our customers to indulge in the healing phenomenon. We endeavour to not only make you look good, but to make you feel good too and all for an affordable price.”
Prices start from £35 by selecting your own crystals on www.karmafeeling.co.uk.

The bracelets have so far been spotted on the wrists of Serge from Kasabian and Florence Welch and appeared on BBC and MTV.
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