Here are our top ten vegan must haves that may well make your life at home just that little bit easier, tastier and cleaner (!) without compromising your vegan ethics.


Tala’s 100% natural Vegan Food Wraps can be used in place of traditional plastic sandwich bags and cling film. They are a natural substitute to single-use plastics and can be used for bread, fruits, diary free cheese and sandwiches.

“These handy wraps are ideal if you want an alternative to foil and clingfilm. We even like the cute design! Great for covering over extra food that you are storing in the fridge.”

Hand crafted organic cotton sheets with 100% natural ingredients including sustainably harvested pesticide-free soy wax organic candelilla wax and organic tree resin.

Simply warm the sheet in your hand to soften and mould into the desired shape this will create an air-tight seal keeping your product fresher for longer! Perfect for packed lunches and food on the go!

Love Raw

There are lots of new dairy free chocolates around now… and some are much better than others. “I can confirm that Love Raw chocolates are smooth, creamy and utterly delicious!

With a focus on delivering vegan chocolate that tastes like “chocolate chocolate” and doesn’t compromise on taste, LoveRaw is pleased to introduce its unique M:lk Choc Bar range, produced in three delicious flavours: ‘Just Chocolate’, ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Peanut Butter filled’.

They tell us that recent research shows that milk chocolate is one of the most-missed foods by vegans. 

Like all other LoveRaw products are 100% vegan and made using the finest ingredients; no artificial nonsense, no palm oil, no dairy and no compromise. 


Poured over ice Caleño is a grown up drink that you can enjoy at anytime. “I like the subtle flavour and that I could have a couple of glasses and still be focused working from home.”

Caleño is a non-alcoholic, tropical free-spirit, inspired by Colombia’s colourful, energetic and vibrant culture, that places joy at the heart of “not drinking”. 

A tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals that is sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free and made with no artificial flavours – make yourself a Caleño cocktail for your very own Hora Màs Feliz and carve out time for a zingy and zesty moment of joy! 

All cocktails have been designed for Caleño by bartender and Fam co-owner, Megs Miller – who has a special place in her heart for Colombia having lived there herself. 



Discover waterdrop’s strictly limited flavour NERO. The first waterdrop® microdrink with natural caffeine as well as refreshing and invigorating  ingredients: guarana, cola nut, blackberry and a touch of activated charcoal.

“Sometimes I feel I just need a boost, especially working from home right now and I wouldn’t have the energy drinks around now filled with chemicals and ingredients I avoid. This drink tasted very pleasant. Just add to water and enjoy.”

It’s easy to feel lethargic when spending an increased amount of time indoors, with energy lagging it’s more important than ever to drink more water, stay focused and get energised.

The “microdrink” is a small cube packed with real fruit and plant extracts and enriched with vitamins that dissolves into water to make a tasty, sugar-free beverage, anytime, anywhere.

Gregory’s Tree

Gregory’s Tree is a tasty fruit twist snack bar free from dairy, gluten, and wheat and made with 100% organic ingredients.

“These are ideal for when you fancy something sweet without having sweets! A handy pack size too.”

Each Gregory’s Tree Blueberry and Raspberry Double Twist and new Strawberry Fruit Twist bar bursts with fruity flavour as each is made from pure organic fruit, which is gently heated and pulped to give it that extra tasty twist.

They’re naturally great tasting being only 60 calories a pack and one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and veg. Gregory’s Tree is also, 100% vegan-friendly. Gregory’s Tree is currently stocked in Morrisons, Whole Foods and As Nature Intended. 


Jason’s Bread

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthier and affordable artisan bread then you’re in for a treat with the launch of NEW Jason’s Bread. Jason’s unique crafted sourdough Ciabattin has all the qualities of an artisan loaf found in a bakery, but its unique baking process means it can become your new everyday sliced bread. Toasted or untoasted with lashings of vegan butter or not, one bite will have you reaching for more. Wrapped in a glassine paper reminiscent of proper bakery bread, there really is nothing quite like it.

“This tastes like bread should do. It feels as close as you will get to home made bread without making it yourself. It was fine fresh and delicious from the freezer. Will be picking this up from now on. YUM!”

Jason’s Bread is the perfect mix of 120-year heritage and modernity created by a fourth-generation baker eager to share his love and passion for bread.

Jason Geary, the master baker at Geary’s bakery, has lovingly crafted this unique sourdough ‘Ciabattin’ sliced loaf for people to experience the wonderful taste of quality ‘proper’ bread with pure and wholesome ingredients.

Jason’s Bread is available now in M&S stores nationwide, RRP £1.80.

Colt & Willow

Colt & Willow tells us that there bicarbonate soda scrub will power through extra tough grease and dirt and rejuvenate whatever it touches. Think really tough tea stains in a stainless steel sink, limescale on your taps or that dirt ring around your bath – we won’t judge – really good on the over door and Aga tops or a kettle.

And our reviewer said….. “This is the best cream cleaner I have ever used. Seriously. It removed stubborn stains that had been almost etched into surfaces that nothing else would shift, leaving them looking new. No scary chemicals and vegan friendly. Perfect.”

Offering a truly credible and trustworthy eco-cleaning solution, unlike most other cleaning products, Colt & Willow list all ingredients on their labels. So nasties including chemical fragrance, harsh detergents, phosphates, parabens or SLS have nowhere to hide.

Colt &Willow’s plant-based cleaning products are effective in removing grime and grease from household surfaces. The natural cleansing agents disperse fat and dirt from kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms reducing opportunities of cross-contamination. Leaving your home happy, healthy and harmonious without resorting to harsh chemicals.


Dr Paw Paw

“This is so easy to apply and looks fantastic. Despite having a family and working from home I still want to make an effort but I don’t have much time. Just squeeze a tiny amount on your finger and apply. Even I can find time to do this. It lasts and the colours are fabulous. I am in love!”

Gone are the days when we would shy away from orange make-up. Bright orange eyes or a bright orange lip was a bold move, but now and during this season in fashion weeks all over the world, orange is a key player when it comes to make-up.

Orange has been hailed as this seasons most wanted, and throughout Summer 2020 we are going to see a lot of it. From a subtle sheen on cheeks creating a minimalist pop of colour to bold orange lips and neon-inspired eye creations. You can recreate these looks and create your own with our​ Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm​ and ​Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Outrageous Orange Balm.

The Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Balms are infused with our multi-award winning original balm formula.

Cruelty-free and vegan, each balm is enriched with a powerhouse of trio of ingredients including PAWPAW (Papaya Fruit), Aloe and Olive Oil. Safe to be used on lips and both cheeks and eyes as a cream blush and shadow, each tinted balm is buildable, which means the one product can be used to create the subtle, minimalistic looks and also be used for the brave and bold show stoppers. ​But the best part is once the colour has worn away you’re left with super soft lips & skin.


Nourish London

“This hasn’t left my over washed hands dry like other soaps I have tried. We also used the Nourish Lemon and Black Pepper Hand Sanitiser Spray. It feels soft on my hands with natural and organic ingredients too.”

Gentle cleansing hand wash which helps retain the skin’s natural moisture.

A gentle combination of 100% natural plant-based cleansers blended with antibacterial essential oils of lemon, ho leaf and invigorating black pepper to cleanse and nourish your hands leaving them feeling refreshed and gently fragranced.

Kind to your skin but tough on germs: laboratory tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 100% Natural – Certified Cosmos Natural.

All Nourish London products are Organic, certified Vegan, Alcohol free & Cruelty Free skin care powered by natural ingredients.


Mr Wolf Urban Spices

Sometimes your go to recipes may need that something special to give them some pzazz. This is where Mr Wolf comes in!

“I never seem to know what spices go with what and Mr Wolf has done this for us. They smell delicious and I am excited to try more of their range.”


The new ‘Mr Wolf Urban Spices’ brings you a selection of dry spice mixes which have  been carefully curated to enhance a range of everyday and gourmet dishes, from humble scrambled tofu and stews to exotic curries and tagines.   Each packet contains a different mix, all carefully balanced and apportioned to support and promote rather than overwhelm companion spices.

The ingredients for the different blends are carefully mixed and packaged in a hygienically maintained professional catering outlet in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Packers wear protective clothing at all times, clean and disinfect work surfaces before and after packing, and maintain social distancing guidelines.  There is a plethora of individual spices to enrich and enhance flavours to all your favourite vegan dishes.


We are all facing different challenges during this difficult time and sometimes it is the small things that can make a little improvement to our new normal. Doing so without compromising vegan values is a must for us and we hope you you too.

Thank you to these super companies for sending us their products for this advertisement feature.