The excitement of new love can be an all-consuming sensation. Its magical ability to rejuvenate invigorates daily life, incorporating zest and enthusiasm into every word and deed. Throughout the centuries, new love’s potent magic has been revered for its spirit and ardour. Every aspect of the creative world from music to literature has celebrated the beauty of new love, immortalizing its very essence into extraordinary dimensions.
While there is no doubt as to the joy and optimism that can be generated by the possibility of a new love affair, its true quality and significance can only come into play if conditions are ideal. Under misguided circumstances, a new liaison can bring disruption and prove tedious and unfruitful.
So how may ideal conditions be described? In order to invite new love effectively, the main ingredients required consist of:

  • Clarity of heart, whereby from an emotional perspective there is a sense of readiness for embracing new possibilities.
  • Clarity of mind and vision, whereby objectivity carries out an important role in deciphering hopes and wishes within the love arena.
  • Faith and enthusiasm, which in turn provokes strength and the right bearing for a new and developing relationship.

Although the availability of ideal conditions can set the scene for inviting new love, the next challenge lies with attracting love that may be considered appropriate. Different cycles require varying experiences in order to assist with progress and improvement. From a philosophical perspective, at times it is necessary to embark upon involvements that otherwise would have been considered undesirable. There may well be a specific phase when a particular experience can prove crucial and as such fatalistically unavoidable. In such cases, some of the related problematic effects can even stay contained or become modified, depending on how swiftly and wholeheartedly the required lessons are acknowledged and absorbed.
Regardless of any pending obstacles or emotional incitement, the importance of an episode involving new love must never be ignored. The journey of romantic adventure may require several experiences before inner wishes and desires can be truly fulfilled. Nevertheless, a little self-analysis together with a better understanding of any existing traits can contribute greatly as far as making more confident decisions are concerned. Answering the following questions can also assist towards a more enlightened sense of purpose:

  • What is your perception of any current emotional requirements?
  • How do you envisage your next relationship?
  • How have you reached any conclusions as to what your new relationship should entail?
  • Are there certain qualities that you think would be crucial to the success of any up-coming liaison?
  • If there are any specific traits that you connect with a successful outcome in a relationship, on what basis have you chosen these qualities?
  • Are you at this point emotionally detached from any previous relationship that proved unsatisfactory?
  • Have you dissected and understood any lessons associated with past experiences?
  • Is your desire for a relationship based purely on emotional needs or are there other contributing factors?
  • To what extent have environmental and external conditions played a part in the success or under-achievement of past relationships?
  • Is there any specific attribute that mattered tremendously within the context of previous relationships, which you feel may no longer be significant?
  • Is there a quality or situation that did not matter so much in relationships before, but is now of the utmost importance?
  • Where there has been a shift in attitude, what do you believe has been the main catalyst inducing change?  

Very rarely are conditions surrounding a new love affair purely fatalistic or completely based on freedom of choice. More often than not, new love requires a quantity of both elements to reveal its secrets. As every experience has a reason for coming into being, the journey of new love should be treated with thought and respect, despite assumptions, appearances or duration. While not every emotional experience is meant to be long term, each encounter has its own unique wealth of valuable lessons.
Perhaps the real beauty of new love lies with its ultimate sense of purpose. It can clear away any unnecessary residue from past relationships, reset a brand new direction accommodating for fresh goals and objectives, provide a different platform for adventure and discovery and most impressive of all, new love is the perfect territory for encouraging hope and optimism. Under appropriate conditions, allowing new love to unfold, paves the way for instinctive growth and remarkable spiritual elevation.
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