Running VeggieVisionDating our veg*n dating sites means that we get to hang out with some super coaching and dating experts and we are delighted to feature this fantastic article from relationship expert Shar Fuller.

Finding your ideal match was already a bit of a chore during normal times so how are you single pringles getting on during the pandemic? Are you craving romance? Do you want to swap your newfound baking skills for a support bubble where kisses and cuddles are a free extra? Would unwrapping your new bae on Christmas day be a good present? No worries…We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for love in during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has had a ripple effect on all of our relationships this year and hope is really important as we navigate the new tier system and adapt to the recent social and psychological changes. So, what do you need to do to make way for a new romantic relationship and get your personal life back on track? Grab some easy to absorb insights and practical tips from Shar Fuller.

Opportunity Cost vs The Comfort Of Your Couch

Let’s face it we’re all our own biggest fans so I’m sure you’ve put some effort into presenting yourself as irresistible on the dating app. Great news, we can see that you’ve mastered your profile creation, perfected your filtering and to top it all off your messaging response rates show that you’re a top scorer. I’m happy that you’ve invested the time to paint a picture of yourself that isn’t overly edited and achieved the goal of getting your potential match to decide if you’re someone that they’d like to meet. Newsflash! The best algorithm for choosing your life partner isn’t on any dating site it’s actually your brain. That’s the reason why I’m hoping that you’re looking for a relationship in the real offline world. Video-dating is a really convenient option and you get to see a little more of your matches personality but remember that only about 50% of users are up for it so you’re dating pool gets smaller if it’s a must for you. During these COVID times you can’t afford to go down the Tinderella route and meet lots of different singles before making a decision about who to date, so here are some factors to consider so that you don’t sacrifice quality time with your group of 6 loved ones for meeting some random who has different dating intentions to you.

  • Like-minded – having a common interest or passion or even background is a good building block for any relationship.
  • Relationship goals – if you’re after a one-nighter and the person you’re thinking of connecting with is after something long-term someone that’s not a match made in heaven.
  • Your personality – work out your personality group according to The Big Five and even more importantly think about how to respond positively to someone who might be in the other categories.

Love At First Byte

Veggie Vision Dating

Save your shopping list for the grocery store and use photos and Insta-style quotes to express your personality online. Swiping singles don’t give two hoots about your likes and dislikes so ditch them when connecting with new people and focus on the top 3-5 things that make you awesome instead. Online dating is the only option at the moment unless you find a company that sets up COVID-19 safe dates for a small selection of people of course!

There’s a vast selection of apps and sites to choose from so try to find a niche one that matches your interests and your lifestyle. The anonymity that online dating offers can mean that authentic profiles are hard to come by but it’s not impossible. Make sure you’ve got a positive mindset about meeting someone new and you’re open to sharing exciting new experiences together even with the restrictions that the pandemic will continue to bring. Some say that you shouldn’t look for love because it will happen when the time is right but we obviously think being proactive pays off if you’re a serious dater and you want to transform your love life.

Your Vege-Lovin Match

Hey gorgeous! Whether you’re a vegan or a vegetarian we hope that you meet someone who understands you and accepts you just the way you are. Your ethical views and passions mould your personality so once you’ve found that compatibility enjoy the chemistry and the connection that follows. We care so much more about connection now and we’re lucky to have so many virtual options to connect with someone new safely. Us this downtime to really evaluate your deal-breakers just to make sure that you’ve got modest expectations for your perfectly flawed future significant other. We’ve got our own matchmaking methodology and so as Relationship Experts we know that you only get three wishes for love (and no more). Check out the list of deal-breakers below and once you’ve chose yours ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Is this a superficial preference or does it have some contextual depth?
  2. Will this affect me having a long-term relationship?
  3. If I met someone with this trait in real life and I liked them would I give them a chance?

Stay safe guys & may 2020 be the year that you are lucky in love.

With many thanks to relationship expert Shar Fuller.

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