Not much beats a good vegan sandwich – with a soup and bag of crisps. Perhaps hummus and char-grilled veggies or dairy free cream cheese and avocado, a simple peanut butter or even a toasted dairy free cheese 20150408_162003and pickle….

And yes, your boyfriend or girlfriend is great and a lovely person (probably) however a sandwich has been there for you since forever and we think it deserves a bit more credit.

1. It’s always there for you – A sandwich will never stand you up.
2. It’s a cheap date – There is always lots of amazing deals on sandwiches.
3. You can share it with your friends – There will be no weirdness or jealousy.
4. Your sandwich will always wait patiently for you.
5. A sandwich never works late or has a headache.
6. You can have two sandwiches at the same time – You may still be judged but just not quite as much…
7. There’s always a better one out there and, besides, your favourite one will still be available when you just need the ‘old faithful’.
8. It will always make you look hot – At least in your mind.
9. Everyone loves it – You can bring it anywhere without any awkward feelings.
10. It always make you smile – A sandwich never says the wrong thing.
11. It will tell you to shop – After a few glasses when you’re browsing Topshop, Prosecco will never remind you how much you spent yesterday.
12. It won’t judge you – And will never remind you of that REALLY embarrassing thing that happened.
13. It’s easily replaceable – No need to cry over a sandwich, just pop to the shop and see what else is on offer.
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