Here at VeggieVision TV we are delighted to see a surge in vegan friendly goodies being searched for – although we have tried just about everything mentioned below we do love supporting the smaller vegan brands too – and a we are happy with a good salad and a tin of chickpeas!!

A substantial rise in consumers tracking vegan food products has been detected by online price tracking website Alertr since 6th April, presumably as a result of Britons wanting to adapt to healthier lifestyles during lockdown by cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy products being eaten.

Vegan sausages, cheese and mayonnaise are the vegan products attracting the largest amount of interest from Britons intrigued to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle.

Online price tracking website has witnessed a 250% rise in vegan products being monitored for price drops from customers since the start of the year. Veganuary was a good introduction for Britons to develop a taste of the vegan lifestyle and the subsequent spike in products being tracked demonstrates that interest is growing vastly.

Below are the specific vegan items available to purchase from UK supermarkets that have seen the highest increase in consumer tracking since April when households were in the midst of the lockdown:

  1. Richmond Meat-Free Sausages – up 180%
  2. Applewood Vegan Smoky Cheese – up 150%
  3. Hellmanns Vegan Squeezy Mayo – up 130%
  4. Chicago Town Vegan Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza – up 125%
  5. Ben & Jerrys Non-Dairy & Vegan Cookies On Cookie Dough Ice Cream – up 80%
  6. Vivera Plant Based Burgers – up 62%
  7. Vitalite Dairy Free Spread – up 50%
  8. Oumph! Vegan Spiced Kebab – up 33%
  9. Cauldron Foods Tofu – up 25%
  10. Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Bolognese Mix – up 15%

Andy Barr, personal finance expert and co-founder of online price tracking website said:

“There is no denying that the knock-on effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted how a large number of Britons feel about their general well-being. Whilst some may have upped their exercise regime or cut down on the amount of alcohol units they’re drinking each week, many have seemingly taken to eating a more plant-based diet in order to improve health.

“Whilst admittedly the products we’ve seen a spike in searches for aren’t the healthiest of foods, it clearly shows a move in the right direction with regards to Britons assessing their diets and making small but significant changes in their general outlook towards nutrition.”