We chat with super vegan supplements and haircare brand RINGANA for their top tips for summer haircare as well as find out about their vegan friendly hair products….

So – tell us why does our hair feel like straw and what can we do during these sunny months…..? 

Exposure to the sun’s rays, salt water or chlorine in swimming pools can harm not only our skin, but also our hair and scalp. Which is why special hair care is needed during the summer months. Apart from wearing a head covering – especially around midday – we recommend using special hair care products to preserve the hair’s natural protective layer and its natural beautiful shine.

Sunlight can break down proteins and lipids in the hair, weakening the hair’s outer layer (the hair cuticles). This means that what is known as the fibrous layer inside is unprotected, making it more vulnerable to mechanical and thermal damage. That’s why it’s recommended that you either avoid hair straighteners and curling tongs in summer, or use products with heat protection.

Tip 1: Start summer with a haircut:

This removes split ends which, combined with the environmental impacts in summer, can give your hair a frizzy look and lead to hair damage.

Tip 2: Always wash your hair with mild products:

When our hair is exposed to salt water, sand and chlorine, it loses a lot of its protective oils which can lead not only to hair breakage, but also to scalp irritation. RINGANA FRESH shampoo is the perfect way to deal with this: it cleans the hair with mild sugar tensides, while our special NBC-7 complex supports the scalp’s natural microbiome and relieves irritation and itching.

Mild, microbiome-friendly hair care.

FRESH shampoo200 ml – € 18.80

Tip 3:  Remember the hair conditioner!

This is a very important summer product. FRESH hair treatment from RINGANA is a veritable all-rounder.  Containing inchi oil, it helps to restore the hair’s natural protective layer, and it also preserves colour throughout the summer thanks to a special heat and colour complex with bamboo and turkey tail fungus. Whether you use it in wet or dry hair, as a mask or as a care product in between times, FRESH hair treatment ensures that your hair is shiny and perfectly groomed, and it prevents potential hair damage caused by summer-related environmental impacts.

FRESH hair treatment – 125 ml – € 25.20

Tip 4: Care from within:

You can also help protect your hair and skin from within, thanks to the vital substances in CAPS beauty & hair. They contain pea sprout extract that supports the hair’s natural growth cycle, as well as the all-rounder, buckwheat germ powder which contains zinc, manganese and copper. These trace elements support the skin, hair and nails in a natural way, particularly when it comes to the formation of proteins such as keratin and collagen – both of which are essential for the growth and preservation of strong hair with a vibrant colour.

CAPS beauty & hair – 90 caps. € 54.80


We work with RINGANA and have had the pleasure of trying out these products too – and we LOVE them!


Founded in 1996, RINGANA is a pioneering Austrian company in the natural skin care and food supplements industry. RINGANA meanwhile employs over 600 people and achieved net turnover of around 192 million euro in 2021. The cornerstones of RINGANA’s success are: freshness, efficacy and sustainability. The products are vegan and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. They are manufactured at RINGANA’s new facility in St. Johann in der Haide and are shipped from there to international customers in 34 countries.