So exciting! The winners of VEGAN Happy Clothing have been announced after months of preparation and ploughing through 700 fantastic entries from all over the world.

After careful consideration by VEGAN Happy founder Lorri Delahunty, VeggieVision TV founder Karin Ridgers, founder of campaigning charity Viva! Juliet Gellatley and Vegan Food and Living editor Holly Johnson… six exceptional winners have been chosen to champion the cause of vegan fashion – and more.


The competition, which aimed to celebrate and promote sustainable, cruelty-free living saw an outpouring of enthusiasm from contestants worldwide with over 700 entries.

The icing on the vegan cake was for the celebrated artist and cultural icon Heather Small to not only be the star judge – however to also attend the winners’ celebration too.

Heather says:

“Huge congratulations to the passionate, go getting worthy winners and what a blast we had at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary to celebrate! I wish them all the best as ambassadors moving forward with Lorri and her team – and as a vegan myself I am delighted to have been part of the competition too.”

The competition, launched by Lorri sought to showcase the incredible every day people within the vegan community, with an emphasis on winners who encompassed the values of compassion, that something special and positive energy.

The competition brought together a diverse group of people including artists, creatives, content creators, business people, and mostly everyday vegans! “We just wanted Mr, Mrs or Mx NextDoor …. who share a deep passion for cruelty-free fashion and style and a positive go-getting vegan lifestyle!”

Lorri, who is a trailblazer in the vegan fashion industry, was thrilled by the response to the competition.

“I am truly humbled and inspired by the incredible talent that has emerged through this competition,” she remarked. “It’s a testament to the growing awareness and demand for vegan-friendly fashion that aligns with our values of compassion and sustainability.”


The six winners of the VEGAN Happy Clothing Competition were selected based on that something special – perhaps their X Factor!

“We felt that they had a light shining out of the photos and their photo popped out to us. What is clear though is about how many hidden talents we discovered afterwards as well.”

“It was an extremely hard decision as the people who entered were just amazing.”

The winners are:

18-30 Finalist Antonia Jane Whillans – Berkshire

18-30 Finalist Jack Light – Hertfordshire

Runner Up: 18-30 Sadie Williams

31-50 Finalist Chantelle Leach – Essex

31-50 Finalist Craig Hooper – Wiltshire

Runner Up: 31-50 Happy Singh

50+ Finalist Annette Wardell – London

50+ Finalist Prash K – London

Runner Up: 50+ Linett Kamala

These talented and dedicated individuals will collaborate closely with Lorri and the VEGAN Happy Clothing team for forth coming campaigns, photoshoots, event opportunities as well as some exciting ideas to be announced.

The VEGAN Happy Clothing competition is a movement towards a more compassionate future…. Celebrating and championing a team of inspirational winners.


Lorri envisions a world where fashion isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling good too, knowing that your choices make a positive impact on the planet and all its inhabitants.

With these remarkable winners leading the way, the future of vegan style looks brighter than ever. The world can expect to see a fantastic array of cruelty-free, sustainable, and stylish clothing options that will empower individuals to express their values and embrace a VEGAN Happy lifestyle.

For more information about VEGAN Happy Clothing and to stay updated on the winners and new collections, please visit

VEGAN Happy Clothing is not just a brand – it is a lifestyle committed to animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and spreading joy through fashion.

They donate 10% or more of profits to animal rescue and vegan activism as well as many other good causes. They work with The Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary near Evesham, where they have a couple of rescued lambs happily living out their best lives on the sanctuary,

With super thanks to Shane Finn Photography @Shanefinnphotography and Vouz Magazine