We tried and tested the Fast 800 diet plan which include a range of vegan shakes and diet plans and were delighted with the results.

The Fast 800

What I love about the Fast 800 is not only are their vegan protein shakes delicious and come in many flavours to suit all palettes but also the care and advice that you get from the Fast 800 team and other members through the forums.

A lot of people come up against obstacles during their weight loss journey such as finding the time to focus, confusion on what you can and can’t eat or simply getting the motivation to carry on with such a lifestyle shift ….. and I was one of them.

With the Fast 800 plan it is easy as everything is planned out for you so all you have to do is log into your account and follow their guidance. Along the way you get motivational videos from Dr Mosely and they also provide you with a progressive fitness programme that gets a little tougher as you move through the weeks. Just follow the videos and surprise yourself on how quickly your fitness levels return.

I have followed the Fast 800 for 6 months now and am delighted to have lost over 3 stone and I feel great. My fitness levels are high, my confidence is on the up and my energy levels have increased so much that I feel 10 years younger. The only downside is I now have to pop to the shops to buy new clothes that fit (!)

It would be great if The Fast 800 plan incorporated more vegan options into their swappable meal planner though with a little research you can figure out which items to swap yourself however just make sure they contain the calories and nutrients your body needs.

As with all diets you have to be sensible and make sure you eat healthy nutritious meals and follow your health practitioners advice.

The Fast 800 tells us more:

Doctor-led service inspired by award winning TV medic Michael Mosley aims to combat the obesity epidemic sweeping the UK, with rapid weight loss to reverse type 2 diabetes and supercharge health.

Evidence-based solutions grow ever more important in a world of spiralling obesity and confusing and conflicting health messages, as people look for effective, scientifically proven methods for weight control that are achievable and sustainable.  Award winning TV medic, best-selling author and journalist best known for BBC2’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Dr Michael Mosley, who reversed his own diabetes through rapid weight loss, cautions that low-calorie diets should not be embarked on without a complete lifestyle change and support to keep the weight off, as many low calorie diets are not sustainable unless people are helped to adopt a completely new approach to eating – for life.   

“Trust me, I’ve done this myself and its helped my diabetes”

Stepping up to the plate a team of doctors guided by Dr Michael Mosley, along with personal trainers, mindfulness experts, health coaches and nutritionists, who have developed a new and medically sound way to help people taking control of their weight.   His new book The Fast 800 is a ground-breaking guide to defeating obesity and managing blood sugars to create a healthy living plan.  The book delivers invaluable insights into the clinically proven methods he corralled to create The Fast 800 system which he tells us reversed his own diabetes. 

As Michael says “Whether you have a lot of weight to lose rapidly, or your health goals are to lose a little, get fitter and supercharge your health, The Fast 800 is flexible enough to suit most people. But I still have so many people asking me for additional advice, support and guidance to implement the right plan for them, which is why we have created a digital lifestyle support programme to complement the book.”

The Fast 800 digital lifestyle programme

However, this is only part of the solution.  Launched in parallel with publication of the book is The Fast 800 digital lifestyle programme. A best practice approach to healthy living, the new programme tailors its food and exercise plan based on an individual’s personal online assessment.  The digital programme has been developed by a team of healthcare experts under Michael’s guidance, for people who want more support and accountability to achieve weight loss, as well as extra help changing their habits.

For those needing to lose a lot of weight rapidly, there is the “super-fast plan” based on 800 calories per day for 12 weeks.  If you have less weight to lose and want to focus on fitness and a sustainable lifestyle, there is a 5:2 plan which is based on 5 days of healthy eating and two fasting days.  Or, if you are already at a healthy weight but would like to super-charge your health, the Mediterranean-style plan a third option. This science based approach which not only reversed Michael’s type 2 diabetes, sparked his drive to help create a sustainable, flexible programme, with healthy eating at its core.  

The new Fast 800 programme has been designed to help people who are obese, have type 2 diabetes, are pre-diabetic, or have a chronic illness such as, fatty liver disease or depression.  It is a 12 week support plan based on a lower carbohydrate Mediterranean diet   at its core, and offers a much more attractive option to the NHS’s recently launched pilot plan which will see 5,000 patients prescribed a ‘liquid diet’ of soups and shakes that limits them to just 800 calories a day over a three-month period. 

By contrast The Fast 800 concept offers a sustainable plan for the growing number of people who struggle with weight loss and want to continue eating proper meals.  The plan steers them to eat healthily so that the results they achieve are sustainable and their weight remains stable for the long term.  But this is only one part of the programme. 

The brand new website – www.thefast800.com – launched in parallel with the book and features a life changing plan adopted by Michael Mosley.  It offers a step-by-step plan incorporating tools and resources designed to empower people ready to implement their own version of The Fast 800. ‘Based on science and designed for people’, the TV doctor and his team has created a brand new digital approach for those who could benefit from extended guidance and support to achieve their health goals.

The 12-week Fast 800 programme costs £99 and includes:

  • Personalised menus:  800 calories per day, 5:2, or a Mediterranean-style plan, all with vegetarian options. Your online personal assessment will determine the right plan for you (however, you can change your menu preferences at any time throughout the programme).
  • A meal planner: swap recipes in and out, as it suits.
  • Shopping lists that update when you change your meal plan.
  • Nearly 250 easy-to-make and ‘taste great’ recipes.
  • Exercise plans for the novice, confident and expert!
  • Mindfulness guidance.
  • A personal tracker.
  • All-new handouts and a library of videos to support learning.
  • An active forum of like-minded colleagues and dedicated health professionals.


We love the Fast 800 protein shakes, our reviewer found it beneficial being on the programme too –  and we are looking forward to seeing more vegan friendly recipes on course as well.