We chat with Lorri Delahunty – a passionate advocate for positive vegan living and founder and director of the fashion brand VEGAN Happy.

VEGAN Happy Clothing came about as when we went vegan, we just couldn’t find the sort of clothes we wanted to wear that could subtly announce our amazing new vegan change and how proud we were to have finally seen the light, and that didn’t have large V slogans across them.

A lot of the vegan clothes we could find very much slammed meat eaters and we didn’t feel like that. We didn’t want to wear clothes that shamed others, but clothes that softly evangelised about veganism wherever we went.

We still needed to attend meetings and go out with friends and couldn’t find anything smart casual that didn’t break the bank or had subtle and stylish logo’s… so we set about creating our own range.

It’s also really empowering to start a business in your 50’s that you had no idea out, which was borne out of sheer passion to make a change.

Our range is for the style conscious vegan, who wants to look good whatever they are doing, and is super affordable. And whilst our clothes are on-trend, we aren’t slaves to fashion. All of our range is wearable by any age range or gender.

We did carry out some initial focus groups with other vegans to try and decide what to stock and got it completely wrong! In fact, we are still sitting on that stock three years later! But now we have a wider range and stock a lot of our items and make the rest bespoke, but still with a fast 5 day turnaround. This enables our small brand to be careful of cashflow but also manage to deliver a wide range to our customers.

When we went vegan, it was actually by accident. One of our Beagles injured themselves, and after coming back from the vets at 1am in the morning and having parted with a lot of cash, I took some chicken out of the freezer for the next day’s meals, and a lightbulb went on. I instantly made the connection… how could I treat my beloved Beagle so differently from another animal? I immediately went vegan and my husband followed the next day after watching ‘What The Health’, and it’s a decision we wished we had made decades earlier.

Owning a vegan business allows us to connect with so many fellow vegans across the globe that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. We really do manage to have a wide reach and it gives us access to so many sources of information and inspiration.

We don’t have any retail training so we are learning as we go but we are in this for the long haul and our dream one day is to walk down the street and see people wearing our clothes.

“It’s so important to look and feel good and our clothes say so much about us. It’s important also that our clothes stand the test of time, so here at VEGAN Happy, we make sure our clothes are high quality but still very affordable to make vegan clothing even more accessible.

“When I went vegan, I particularly struggled finding vegan clothes that I wanted to wear so we set about making our own”.

 VEGAN Happy is a range that is devoted to creating high end vegan daytime and workout clothes, but at affordable prices, making them in reach of everyone.

Stylish and subtle logo’s mean that the garment isn’t too overshadowed, but can still spark the vegan conversation wherever you go.

Choose vegan and wear your morals. Please check out VEGAN Happy at www.veganhappyclothing.co.uk

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