Even though our favourite drink is a freshly squeezed lemon in warm lemon we love trying out new vegan friendly drinks here at VV TV and especially when they contain no scary ingredients.Rocks Orange Barley low res (002)
Here is a round up of this weeks favourites!
Made in Devon using traditional methods, the soft drinks producer has given this classic Barley Squash a fresh twist using their traditional recipe. Produced with handfuls of organic whole oranges and lemons, organic cane sugar, Rocks’ own spring water and UK-grown barley they have created an authentic and delicious drink.
For a warming serving option, simply mix Rocks’ creamy Barley Squashes with hot water for a pick-me-up that will warm the cockles on a cold winter’s day.
Packed with freshly sourced organic ingredients and Rocks Drinks’ very own barley infusion, the Barley Squashes offer an abundant source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. The cordials can be enjoyed chilled or warmed and there are some fantastic flavours – Elderflower, Lime, Blackcurrant and Ginger.
We love that this is organic, in glass bottles and contains nothing artificial. Their ready to drink drinks are delicious too. 

Zzeo_34 (002)eo is made from 100% natural ingredients, with fruits & botanicals.
It also has a Food Standards Agency green traffic light as it is so low in sugar – only 0.5 teaspoons per 100ml!
Zeo was the first soft drink in the world to become ‘Sugarwise’ certified and uses natural Stevia extract to give it a deliciously sweet taste.
Zeo’s new flavours are in line with mainstream health trends and will be a refreshing welcome for consumers who lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With only 2.3g of sugar per 100ml zeo is likely to become a firm favourite amongst soft drinks lovers who would usually opt for a coconut water (5g of sugar per 100ml) or Coca Cola Life (6.8g of sugar per 100ml).
Zeo expertly blends natural stevia from South America with pure cane sugar which forms the base of its natural sweetness. Consumers can drink easy with the knowledge that Zeo only uses natural ingredients and botanicals for all of its drinks.
Their “flavour house” is in Holland and they have spent over five years perfecting zeo’s secret combination of 32 fruits and botanicals which form the basis of every drink. The flavours are crafted in small batches, distilled and blended with mineral-rich spring water from the heart of England.
We love that this is is in glass bottles and a refreshing lightly sparkling drink. Some of the reviewers wanted something a little sweeter and another loved it! HLW__0008_HLW_BLACKCURRENT_250ML low (002)
Hey Like Wow is a sugar and preservative free range of vitamin rich waters now available in Tesco stores nationwide from 99p in Blackcurrant and Orange flavours.
The drinks contain pure water only, with a cap containing a powdered fruit + vitamin formula of B6,C,D and calcium that is released into the water when pressing down onto the cap.
The range comprises of revolutionary new Sugarwise certified soft drinks that are set to change the soft drinks market. The powdered vitamin formula in the cap delivers the ingredients to pure, natural mineral water at the moment of consumption – as soon as you press down on the lid, ensuring maximum vitamin efficacy without the need for preservatives.
HLW’s range of 11 flavoured drinks provide calcium and vitamins, and is the first UK soft drink to contain no artificial colours or artificial sweeteners and zero preservatives. You simply, push, shake, drink!
Very pleased to hear that HLW has registered Vegan society as we were very impressed with the taste. If like some of us you need to watch the amount of carbohydrates/ sugar then this brand is ideal. We  loved this and this will definitely be on our shopping list!