VeggieVisionTV brings you the latest round up of mouth watering treats from delicious vegan cakes to traditional and exotic Indian spices. All tried and tested by VeggieVision TV reviewers….. and all get a massive thumbs up!


Create your very own unique and customised cakes, boxes of cupcakes or helium balloons here at bakerdays. Bakerdays website makes cakes to order so simple. Choose a design, size and delicious recipe, and then personalise it with your own photos and a special message.

They offer personalised cakes right to your front door, they even have a cake small enough to fit right through your letterbox. All the cakes are available to order with a vegan sponge!

The creative team at bakerdays can put just about any design you can think of onto their cakes with some of their most popular cakes being inspired by Bridgeton and Tiger King. Check out our fantastic cake – with the VeggieVision TV logo on it here!



Juice HQJuiceHQ

JuiceHQ cold press all of their raw fruit and vegetable juices in small batches. They do not use preservatives, additives, pasteurisation and they do not use high pressure processing (HPP) to prolong their shelf life.

JuiceHQ juices are intentionally raw. Not processed. Not pasturised, Not pascalised. This comes with great benefits, healthy bacteria, immune support, maximum nutrients, vibrant colours and a richer deeper taste. Their individual cold pressed juices are intentionally designed to be used as a snack or meal replacement alongside a normal healthy diet, boosting your vitamin intake for the day and keeping that immune system rock solid.

JuiceHQ cold press exactly the ingredients needed to fill their orders, and deliver frequently enough to keep your fridge topped up with unbeatable cold pressed juice. These taste FANTASTIC and in glass bottles too!




Phomo offer light, flavoursome, and filling  vegan pho where you can choose from either sustainably sourced tofu or shiitake mushrooms with a vegan broth.  All kits consist of broth, noodles, protein, fresh herbs, lime, and chilli, and come packaged in recyclable materials. 

Introducing vibrant Vietnamese food into people’s homes, the pho kits are made with premium ingredients, and broths are cooked for up to 8 hours resulting in a deeply fragrant, warmly spiced broth. Customers can make the pho their way by adding in the amount of protein and garnishes, how they want to lay it out, how to slice ingredients, and exactly how much of each element, if any, is used. 

With all fat removed from the broth during cooking, each pho comes in at under 500 calories. A heathy, quick, and easy dinner, the phos encompass slurpy, crunchy and chewy deliciousness in a light but powerful broth.

Thinking outside the bowl when it comes at-home dining, PHOMO already looks set to boom post lockdown. 

LOVED making this – and even better – loved eating it! Well worth trying this at home!


Natures Heart

Nature’s Heart, a brand dedicated to championing South America’s finest superfood ingredients, is today launching a new Immune System range of plant-based snacks. Designed to taste good and do good, each product in the new range is packed with an exciting combination of different fruits, nuts and seeds and is a natural source of key vitamins and minerals that can help support the immune system*.

The new range has been developed not only to taste delicious whilst helping support the immune system and every time you buy a pack, you are helping support people in need across the country – thanks to a unique partnership with FareShare UK. The GramforGram initiative will match the weight of every pack sold from the range with a donation of nutritious food to FareShare, from store cupboard essentials to fresh fruit and vegetables, which will go directly to those in need.


Munchy Seeds

Munchy Seeds has launched a brand new range of breakfast booster seed mixes, designed to boost nutrition, protein, fibre, vitamins and flavour in just one easy sprinkle!

Designed to be the perfect topping for yoghurt, granola, smoothies, porridge or pancakes (or baked into oats or muffins), the new breakfast boosters come in three delicious flavours: Super Berry, Goji Berry, Chia & Cranberry Seed Mix, Totally Tropical, Coconut, Mango & Banana Seed Mix and Cacao & Apricot, Cacao, Apricot & Date Seed Mix. Use these sweet and fruity combos to breathe new life and health into everyday breakfasts.


Newly launched in the UK, Heura is the next generation of plant-based meat, not just meat alternatives but meat successors, with products that not only taste like meat they are healthier than meat – good for you and the planet. Heura embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle, using olive oil to create the juiciest, most flavoursome product.

Their ‘chicken’ chunks have a juicy, meaty texture so convincing that 99% of consumers think they’re eating meat. Ideal for those looking to transition to a more sustainable but equally delicious diet, Heura’s versatile products offer a delicious option for meat-eaters and vegans alike.

Just by swapping out the chicken in your salad for Heura, you would save the equivalent of a week’s worth of showers! Made using non-GMO soy. Looking forward to trying more of the range out.

Heura is available at   Planet Organic.


The Collective

Perfect for a breakfast-in-bed breakfast bowl, or a tasty dessert after a cosy dinner, The Collective Plant is a delicious treat Plant-based Greek-style yoghurt alternatives are available in four delicious flavours – Natural, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Fudge.

Made with a unique blend of oats, coconut and rice to create a thick and creamy base, then layered with low sugar compotes which are soy-free, nut-free and vegan friendly.

Packaged in 100% recycled pots that are recyclable, this range will tick all the boxes for flexitarians and vegans globally.

The Collective Plant 400g and 135g range will be available nationwide from January 2021. £2.20 RRP per 400g tub and £1.25 RRP per 135g tub. Love them all – but the fudge! YUM!

Bird & Blend

Some of the most loveliest teas we have ever tried here at VV TV!

Bird & Blend was set up and is run by Krisi and Mike, who met whilst studying Politics (of all things!) at university.  Starting off packing tea in their bedroom and attending markets, building Bird & Blend from scratch while staying true to our ethos and values has been Krisi and Mike’s passion. Now with an awesome team, multiple retail stores & a thriving international online store, Bird & Blend is leading the way in tea innovation in the UK.

“Sustainability has been at the heart of our business from day one. From leaf to cup, every part of your tea’s journey is carefully designed to minimise the impact on our planet.”




Vegan chocolate brand Ombar are celebrating their gut friendly range.

Strawberry Mylk, Coco Mylk  and 72% Cacao – all of which include added vegan live cultures, so you can enjoy an ethical, vegan snack and keep your gut happy too.

The link between gut health and anxiety is becoming increasingly understood, it’s even been given its own name: the ‘gut-brain axis’. Diseases of the gut have been linked to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression – so it makes sense that the incredible effects of probiotics on the gut also have the potential to address symptoms of anxiety.

A fan of Ombar here at VV TV for years since Karin met the founder Richard in his home making his raw chocolate – and since they have taken over the world!


Kacchi London

New wellness brand, Kacchi London, has unveiled a range of sustainable, vegan savoury condiments and marinades to support digestive health and immunity.

Young, female entrepreneur, Aradhana Bhandari, was inspired to launch the brand due to her own struggles with digestive health and her grandfather’s commitment to eating well following a difficult health spell.

Offering a host of health benefits, the new variety of meal accompaniments are backed by scientific journals and made from individually chosen fresh ingredients, including raw turmeric and curry leaf.

All of the Kacchi London products use unprocessed ingredients and are free from preservatives, sugar, oil and artificial colouring, and each item is packaged in reusable glass jars with fully recyclable labels and wrapped in 100% recyclable and biodegradable hive paper.


A massive thanks to these brands for sending over their fantastic products for us to review here at VeggieVision TV for this advertising feature.