We are always super excited to talk with super TV presenter and inspirational vegan Jasmine Harman. One of the most loveliest ladies we know…… who just lights up the screen. We chat with Jasmine and find out more about her vegan Christmas…..

Thanks for chatting with us today Jasmine – always a pleasure (and always a giggle too!) Lets start off with…. What is a typical Christmas day like for you and your family?  

Typically we have a huge family get together with a nice dog walk, far, far too much food and lots of presents for the children. They have their stockings from Santa in the morning, and the presents under the tree after Christmas dinner!

I don’t know what Christmas is going to be like this year but I suspect, a bit different!

Yes we think so too sadly …. Jasmine what is your go to vegan Christmas day menu? 

We do the whole shebang with something like spiced sweet potato & coconut soup to start, roast with all the trimmings, we’ll often have several replacements for turkey including nut roast, lentil roast, pie or Wellington.

My husband’s roast potatoes are legendary. Brussels sprouts with chestnuts. Veggies galore. And we always have a creamy leek and mushroom dish which is a bit of a family tradition. Then desserts, Christmas pudding, mince pies, Yule log, custard, and finally a vegan cheese board!

Oooo that sounds delicious! How do you get in a festive mood?!

Sparkly earrings, sequinned outfit, cheesy Christmas music, a glass of Baileys Almande.

Sounds perfect! How does it feel having a vegan Christmas?

It feels great! Most of my family is vegan and even those who aren’t enjoy the huge abundance of food! Maybe we overcompensate by over-catering.

Tell us what’s the best Christmas pressie someone has ever given you – or the worst?!

One of the best has got to be my Pawj California boots from my hubby Jon which I absolutely love and live in all winter.

They look so comfy! 

The worst is probably an expensive leather purse which I had to return as I couldn’t bring myself to use it, but I exchanged it for some sunglasses and earrings!

How did you transition from a non vegan Christmas to a vegan Christmas? Did you find it challenging? 

Not really. We always had veggie Christmas anyway, so it was really just a question of replacing the dairy products. So simple to do with plant milks and butters, and vegan cheeses are really coming along, I ordered a fabulous Christmas vegan cheese board from The Kinda Co last year. It was awesome. My husband even made aqua faba meringue last year.

Do love an aqua faba meringue! So what advice would you give to someone thinking about going vegan now and having their first vegan Christmas? 

If you are worried about being the only one, or about others not liking your food, then make it less stressful for yourself and buy something in to replace the turkey. That way you can sample it beforehand to make sure you think everyone will like it, and have less pressure on the day. I bought a vegan Wellington last year from Coughlan’s bakery and it was so delicious and so easy and hassle free!

Anything else would you like to tell us Jasmine?

I like to give vegan gifts at Christmas, even to the non vegans, so whether it’s a subscription to TVK boxes, a crate of vegan wine, a hamper of vegan cakes or a non wool / silk / leather hat / scarf / gloves etc or vegan beauty products candles, I always make a point of giving vegan gifts.

Thanks Jasmine – hope you all have a super vegan Christmas! 

Find out more about Jasmine Harman Presenter of A Place in the Sun and spokesperson for The Brook – Plant based Feasting.

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