BBQ season is upon us and as swathes of sausages and burgers make their way to the grill, the humble vegetable is often forgotten and overlooking the greens is a mistake! A vegan BBQ is the best and we have some super top tips for pimping your veggies to impress everyone!

Traeger Grills set to impress all of your BBQ guests!


  1. Consider Kebabs – any vegetable that can be cut into big chunks and skewered is a firm candidate to a kebab. Be creative and combine different colours, textures and flavours in each skewer. There’s just one golden rule: “Sturdies with sturdies and softies with softies”. You don’t want to bite a raw potato next to a totally dehydrated courgette.
  2. Mushrooms are vegetable meat –  what does have a meaty texture, a meaty colour and a meaty flavour… but it is not meat? Exactly! Mushrooms are one of the richest sources of umami flavour out there. Rub your portabella mushrooms with Yondu before grilling and turn them into an umami bomb!
  1. Cook at the right tempo– controlling timing of a barbeque has never been easy. Especially when it comes to having everyone together at the table on time. And we can make sure all our vegetables are cooked to perfection and served at the right temperature. Here you have some tips to get it right:
    1. Sturdy vegetables such as potatoes or  onion – wrap them in foil and start cooking once you light the BBQ
    2. Big veggies like entire bell peppers, aubergines or artichokes – cook them on the edges of the grill, not directly over fire for about 30 minutes
    3. Sturdy vegetable skewers (carrots, turnip, cabbage, etc.) – start charring them on the direct fire and then place them on the edges of the grill and cook until done
    4. Softie skewers (courgette, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc) – cook them over direct fire for a few minutes right before serving.
  1. Get the right tools – when it comes to grilling vegetables, there are a couple of gadgets that can help you get the most of them. And if you are frequently barbecuing, you’ll definitely want to consider these:
    1. BBQ veggie grill pan – this can be a square or circular piece of metal with holes in it. It allows you to cook chopped vegetables or small delicate ones. It is great to stir-fry your veggies on the fire and get all the delicious aromas of the barbecue in them.
    2. Grill basket – the classic two sided grill with a handle – it is actually very useful for vegetables. Forget about aubergine slices sticking to the grid, with this tool grilling veggies will be a breeze
  2. Sweeten your meal with fruits – barbequed fruits can make an excellent side for a savoury main. Fruits are a great partner. Think of it this way: Most fruits are sweet, tangy and juicy, just like HP sauce or ketchup! Pears, apple, pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, melon… almost any fruit can be grilled.

It’s not only the cooking of the vegetables that’s important on the BBQ, making sure your marinade or seasoning is spot on will bring them to life and leave your guests wanting more.

Yondu is making the veggies the star of the show this BBQ season; from what to put on your skewers, to how to cook them, fun ideas for all the family and even a sweet treat.