The world seems to be spinning faster all the time – whether because of our working lives where we have to keep up with lots of innovations and technologies, because we have to listen to daily reports about wars, political events or natural disasters, or because we have problems to deal with in our daily lives. All of these, coupled with the transition from hot to cool temperatures and our generally greater susceptibility to illness, can pose a major challenge for our bodies. That’s why it’s all the more important to strengthen our immune system in good time because that helps us to stay mentally and physically fit, allowing us to enjoy autumn and winter full of energy and vitality.

Apart from a balanced diet, cutting out smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, regular movement and adequate sleep, food supplements can also provide support in boosting the body’s defences. RINGANA can offer a big helping hand here with the concentrated power of various natural talents in the shape of RINGANA packs antiox, CAPS immu, RINGANAchi and CAPS moodoo.

FRESH pack antiox – concentrated power from freeze-dried superfruits

PACK antiox is a vitamin booster containing natural antioxidants that support the body’s own defences and protect our cells. Its water and fat-soluble antioxidants boost the body’s own defences andprotect the cells from free radicals. The lovely berry flavour comes from carefully freeze-dried raspberries, strawberries and black elderberries. Highly concentrated extracts of superfruit such as maqui berry, sea buckthorn and melon deliver a blast of energy from fruit. Combined with a high content of diverse secondary plant substances, you get a unique shake with an incomparably fruity flavour. – 260 g (26 sachets) for £67.77

CAPS immu– optimally supplied in autumn

CAPS immu combine various herbal mushrooms with natural micronutrients, to give the body’s immune system a helping hand. RINGANA uses an alpha-glucan-rich shiitake concentrate whose effects have been demonstrated in numerous human clinical trials. Oat fibre and yeast provide different beta glucans that are amongst the oldest natural talents known to humanity. Maitake, a fungus also known as hen-of-the-wood, is used in Chinese mycotherapy and contributes to wellbeing. Reishi mushroom promotes the body’s own immune activity and promotes our natural defences. Vitamin C from acerola fruit juice powder and Vitamin D from mushrooms promotes immune system function. – 90 capsules for £48.20

RINGANAchi – the naturally stimulating DRINK for more energy

Our caffeinated pick-me-up RINGANAchi has a fruity, piquant flavour and contains bioactive plant substances that give you a lift. This booster based on fruit juice is a good alternative to coffee ifyou’re having a little slump – like the post-lunch dip in performance. Vitamin C from acerola fruit powder awakens fresh energy and helps to reduce tiredness. Guarana seed extract boosts alertness. L-theanine prolongs the effect of caffeine. Ginger contains pungent compounds and refreshes. Pineapple juice concentrate and lemon juice concentrate round off the fruity flavour. A clever mix of carbohydrates – maltodextrin, dextrose and D-ribose – delivers fast, long-lasting energy.- 12 x 30 ml drinks for £45.68

CAPS moodoo – for greater serenity

Iranian saffron extract with the highest concentration of safranal and crocins, ensuring even greater inner serenity. Orange peel extract helps to create a positive mood. Schisandra berry extract and ashwagandha root extract are adaptogens that preserve physical resilience in tough situations and provide inner strength. Niacin and riboflavin combat fatigue and tiredness. Magnesium from seawater extract is seen as a “resilience mineral” which contributes to normal mental function, helping to restore emotional balance.  Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 from buckwheat germ powder contribute to the normal function of the nervous system, even when it’s under a lot of pressure. – 90 capsules for £50.29

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