The guys at VV TV take pride in their appearance and love sharing their grooming wisdom with you. We have tried and tested some of the finest vegan and earth friendly products out there and put them in this awesome mens vegan grooming product round up.


Laboratory Perfumes

If you are after a scent that has remarkable longevity which attracts compliments all day long then Laboratory Perfumes No.003 is the answer. This vegan and gender free eau de toilette comes in some seriously cool minimalistic packaging and all glass, card and paper used in Laboratory Perfumes packaging is sustainably sourced and widely recycled.

Samphire Eau de Toilette offers a pinch of spicy juniper berries, citrus oil and an intoxicating trio of lavender, rosemary and basil, join verbena to layer over white amber and oak moss to culminate in a fragrance that evokes the fresh coastal air. 

Makers Note:
“The idea for our Samphire scent came after a lazy Sunday lunch in Hammersmith rather than a swimoff the Suffolk coast. Foregoing coffee for a fresh sprig of verbena from the garden, I was immediately captivated  by its fresh and zesty aroma. It all began there.”

Laboratory Perfumes also offer a Lifestyle Set that allows you to travel between moods and locations with infinite ease. Whether it’s an exhilarating afternoon swim, or a laid-back early evening cocktail, their signature fragrances can accompany you there with all the right notes. A lifetime in five sublime scents.

AMBER: Amber is a warm and complex scent with a rich and woody base, ambergris and grasses are mixed with spicy top notes.

GORSE: Gorse opens with a fresh hit of crisp citrus and smooth coconut, before maturing into a heady wrap of spiced cardamom. It’s the olfactory embodiment of sun-warmed skin and lazy summer evenings.

SAMPHIRE: A pinch of spicy juniper berries, citrus oil and an intoxicating trio of lavender, rosemary and basil, join verbena to layer over white amber and oak moss to culminate in a fragrance that evokes the fresh coastal air.

TONKA: The earthy and sweet vanilla of the tonka bean meets spicy pink peppercorns, zingy mandarin and woodland aromatics.

ATLAS: Lose yourself in a sumptuous cloud of pipe tobacco and rum notes laced with warm, creamy vanilla and hay. Mixed with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper to add a hint of spicy warmth.

I have to say that after many years searching for fragrances that have the combination of longevity, unique and stylish scents, vegan and that come in eco friendly uber cool packaging I am happy to say that I have now found my go to brand that offers a scent for every occasion.

No Ordinary

After spending quite a few days at the beach bombarding my hair with sand, suncream and sea water whilst trying to learn the art of paddle boarding I needed a vegan shampoo and conditioner that would get my hair back to health. I was well impressed with No Ordinary’s Clarity range. The shampoo cleaned my hair enough to produce that squeaky sound leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated and resulting in my hair appearing slightly thicker and stronger, the conditioner does exactly as it supposed to leaving hair smooth, manageable, healthy and smelling great.

So go ahead and create clarity in your life with No Ordinary’s Clarity Lavender, Rosemary & Mint natural shampoo and conditioner, this super fresh feeling combination with their transparency of ingredients and purity in nature will help to reduce product build up and correct sebum overload while gently caring for the your hair follicles. Go on….Liberate your hair!

  • 76.25% Organic ingredients
  • 99% Premium quality naturally derived ingredients used
  • Repair weak and fine hair
  • Promote healthy growth
  • No build up, plant based product
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Leaves your hair & scalp feeling exhilarated & refreshed
  • Ideal for greasy hair
The Cool New No Ordinary Design
The New Design By No Ordinary

No Ordinary products offer quality and effectiveness whilst using only natural and sustainable ingredients.

The essential oils used in their shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and hand lotion are of aromatherapy grade and accredited by the Aromatherapy Trade Council for purity, sustainability and ethical practices. Only the finest pure essential oils are used to work therapeutically for optimum results.

Each ingredient that goes into their organic and vegan products has been chosen, tested and approved based on it’s purity and effectiveness. Whats left out of their products is just as important as whats left in – filler ingredients or any synthetic fragrancing are never used.

Don’t forget to check out the stylish new design for No Ordinary products launching soon.



These trendy and practical cans of soapy bubbles not only look cool but are an incredible way of helping save the planet. Using recyclable cans that you use to refill the “Forever Bottle” means you can get clean without dirtying your environment. We loved how versatile the range is and the selection of scents.

KanKan soaps are jam-packed with natural botanicals that not only smell incredible, but also have naturally occurring benefits that you can enjoy with each use. Closer to nature than this, and you would be showering in the wilds. Made without any nasties, including SLS, silicone, sulphates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. Crafted by artisan makers in the UK, KanKan’s ingredients are sourced carefully with integrity and in close accordance with the soil association standards and It goes without saying that KanKan products are palm oil free, vegan and cruelty-free.

We tried the Starter Set No.1 which provides you with 1 can of your choice of liquid (we opted for the Mandarin and Clary Sage with it’s rash and skin healing benefits and regulating natural oils) and 1 “Forever Bottle” We loved the fact that the “Forever Bottle” is made out of glass reducing the environmental impact that plastic bottles produce and as the cans are made from recyclable material the scent of mandarin seemed even sweeter. The soap did a fantastic job of cleaning our hands without drying them out and you could almost feel the healing benefits of the Clary Sage. I have to say the cans do look pretty cool in unison with the “Forever Bottle” .We love this vegan hand wash.

The Ordinary

The clinical technology that goes into each and every product The Ordinary produce is mind boggling. The Ordinary is a brand under the umbrella of Deciem and their range covers every possible need to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. I like the way they offer various skin regimes in detail and how to combine products to help you reach the desired result. I tried their regimen for skin dehydration using 
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
, with Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. I have to say my face bounced back to health with added radiance and vitality after only a few days use. I noticed fine lines had become less apparent and the odd blemish had started to disappear. This is serious stuff and I highly recommend this as part of your daily grooming regime.

Germaine de Capuccini

If you need a post shave emulsion to soothe the skin after your morning shave that also reduces hair growth to help prevent that afternoon shadow then Germaine de Capuccini’s Finishave is the answer. Finishave is a highly effective balm that reduces sensitivity and irritation after shaving and with the light weight formula and gentle citrus aromas this product is a must for the gentleman’s grooming routine. Finishave helps alleviate the signs of recently shaved skin, burning sensation, micro-cuts and redness.

Another awesome product from Germaine de Capuccini is their Eye Contour Solution which Contains Sake, Citrus and Bitter Orange Extract. This cooling gel facilitates drainage around the eyes to reduce bags whilst firming the skin and it works so well. The fine lines and puffiness around my eyes were noticeably reduced soon after using this serum. Will definitely be a staple part of my grooming routine.


All images by Glyn Ridgers