We were delighted at VV TV to get the opportunity to interview the guys at Bosh and to chat all things Christmassy.

Hi Ian Hi Henry – super chatting with you today….. so tell us what is a typical Christmas day like for you?

We both usually go back up to Sheffield to spend time with our families. We’re always buzzing to see them because living in London means we don’t get to see them half as much as we’d like. There’s always loads of catching up and even more eating!

Ahhh – us vegans love our food! And talking of food – what is your go to Christmas day menu? 

It might have to be our Mushroom Wellington from BOSH! We’ve cooked it for both our parents at Christmas before, and it was an absolute crowd pleaser. And, of course, it’s not Christmas without tonnes of gravy and our Crispy, Fluffy, Perfect Roast Potatoes heaven on a plate.

I will agree with you there, we are huge roast potato fans here at VeggieVision TV – and your Mushroom Wellington looks so good! How do you both get in a festive mood?!

We have to be on-brand and say FOOD! We love cooking up a big vegan fry-up for our families on Christmas morning.

Got to love a vegan fry up! Tell us guys what’s the best Christmas pressie someone has ever given you – or the worst?!

One of the best presents we receive every Christmas is all the people sending in pictures of their own vegan dinners they’ve made using our recipes. It remind us of the incredible vegan community around us – and we’re very lucky to be bringing a bit of plant based joy to their tables!

That’s lovely! So how did you transition from a non vegan Christmas to a vegan Christmas? Did you find it challenging? I have had about 25 non turkey Christmas now and even back in the day we didn’t find it a challenge….

As BOSH!, we consider ourselves to be ‘food remixers’ because we make those favourite dishes we used to eat, but just with plants – Christmas dinner included! Of course, it was slightly odd that first year – but we make sure we always have big flavours that are on par with what we used to have (and often even better!) so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out.

And finally what advice would you give to someone thinking about going vegan now and having their first vegan Christmas? 

If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t overwhelm yourself with 10 different elements – go easy by focusing on a few key elements! If you’re looking for a less time-consuming and more straight-forward option, you could try the Thanksgiving Roast in our latest cookbook Speedy BOSH!. It’ll take around 30 mins… Which means more time to open presents, so it’s a win-win!

Thanks for chatting with us BOSH! Happy Vegan Christmas!!

For more inspiration from the lads at Bosh check out IG @bosh.tv and their website www.bosh.tv

Food photography image credited to Lizzie Mayson.