Vegan Arborist launches its online platform to support businesses producing plant-based products and to inform consumer choice. With increasing demand for more sustainable and affordable products the platform supports investment into companies scaling to meet demands and to ensure consumers are guided to more sustainable products and services with an eye to quality and price. 

The platform is uniquely designed to provide integrated support for businesses and consumers who are focused on the actions required to positively impact our planet and climate.  For business, the platform curates funding as well as business development services to ensure sustainable impact criteria is applied from all sides. For consumers, the platform informs on sustainability topics, buying tips and products aimed at helping decide how to make more sustainable consumption choices.

CEO John Creaton comments: “The sustainability market can be very confusing. Even the most straight-forward products can have very complex supply chains and it is difficult to know how to make the best choice as a business or as a consumer. 

Our goal is to make that a lot easier in applying our principles and impact criteria to businesses and products we support. We only work with companies and products that have the ability to scale in order to serve the needs of all consumers wanting to consume more sustainably. We do this by including plant-based products from companies that come with sufficient transparency, quality, ethics and at a reasonable price”

The Vegan Arborist approach is inclusive and focused. It approaches sustainability by encouraging more sustainable product purchasing through targeted and joined up guidance on a wide range of issues from the most harmful greenhouse gases to the importance of knowing not just where your food comes from but whether it is in season locally or not. It supports the growth of companies who excel in the plant-based sector. ‘Action now not later’ is the mantra. 

Researching and surfacing more plant based products at an affordable price is a core objective. Having only vegans buying vegan products is just not enough for a volume change in consumption needed to have a positive impact. 

Through guidance, involvement with retailers and producers and support of the full product development life cycle the platform can significantly increase awareness. This is key to increasing volume and making more affordable products available to the mainstream consumer.

Ultimately, the platform aims to move the needle for sustainability in a measurable way.  Small changes made at scale have a large effect and by making plant based choices available to everyone, regardless of whether they are vegans, vegetarians, or flexitarians, it can help to include buying plant based products for the health benefits and as a part of a significant contribution to reduce CO2e emissions, preserve water supply and promote biodiversity.

The platform supports investors, producers and services via its B2B portal at and provides guidance and funnelling of plant based products for consumers via its B2C portal at