For far too long, being vegan has been perceived as too difficult for many however at the Easy Veganism area at the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton on March 11th 12th 2017 at the Brighton Centre will show, this could not be further from the truth.  
Hosted by Karin Ridgers of VeggieVision TV, who also coaches media and celebrities to be vegan. Everyone she has worked with including Uri Geller, Jasmine Harman, Aldo Zilli and many journalists have all enjoyed their vegan experience. Many saying she has changed their lives for the better.
Also hosting is VegfestUK manager Tim Barford, former rave organiser turned biggest vegan festival organiser in Europe the Easy Veganism area is made of around a dozen half-hour panel discussions which look at common FAQ’s such as:
Where vegans get their protein, iron, B12 and calcium from.
The increasingly popular 30-day vegan pledges where people go vegan for 30 days and see how they get on with a vegan way of life.
How to veganise everyone’s favourite non-vegan dishes.
How athletes succeed on a plant-based diet.
Whether veganism is merely a diet or more than what we eat.
Whether pregnant women and teenagers can thrive on a plant-based diet.
Whether being vegan is enough to change the world or if we should engage in further activism after going vegan.
And on top of meet-and-greet sessions with your favourite vegan experts.
The area features over a dozen knowledgeable and high-profile star guests who will be answering questions on the basics of being and staying vegan.
The vegan experts include actor Peter Egan, actresses Wendy Turner-Webster and Carol Royle, model Victoria Eisermann, director and writer Otto Brockway, snooker player Peter Ebdon, strongman Patrik Baboumian, triathletes Kate Strong and Dave Sheahan, cyclist Christine Vardaros, nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston
And many more over the weekend including: Youtubers Vegan Geezer, Hench Herbivore and Earthling Ed and World champion freerunner Tim Shieff.
“Our aim is that visitors to this new area will be inspired by the myriad of ideas on making veganism easy and accessible to many others after the event.” Says Karin.
Karin has been working with the festival since the early days and has been at every Brighton Festival – Brighton is her “second home”.
Karin has been vegan for over 20 years and runs the only UK based vegan internet TV station doing her best to address the lack of veganism on mainstream TV. She has many plans and exciting ideas… watch this space!
To find out more about these amazing guests, please refer to the link here:—easy-veganism.
Those wishing to delve deeper into veganism should not miss the dozen cookery demos taking place on both days of the event, as well as kids cookery classes for the little ones, a Vloggers Corner with several short films with bite-size information on veganism, plus the 230 stalls loaded with free samples and special discounts, and 20 caterers where you can enjoy globally inspired vegan cuisines.
A Vegan Film Festival with half a dozen feature-length documentaries on the various aspects of veganism, a Teen Zone for teenagers aged 11-19 years old to mingle, and a Mature Zone with topics tailored to older vegans, on top of entertainment from live music from 2 stages, a Vegan Comedy Festival on the Sunday, magic shows and more!
Advance tickets are priced at £7 for one day and £10 for the whole weekend, plus booking fees. You can buy your advance tickets now at Tickets on the door cost £10 for adults and £5 for concessions, with kids under 16 getting free entry as long as they are accompanied by adults.