It has been a busy year for plant based author and chef Keith Squires. Touring India and Australia with the launch of some of his books including Cooking With Love and being invited to give a talk at the Houses of Parliament recently too.

Keith told us;

“It was such a privilege to be asked to speak at the Houses of Parliament. I was invited by our own MP Hywel Williams from North Wales.  I feel inspired by him and all the MP’s who came to the talk. They are all committed to finding solutions to the obesity crisis facing the NHS. Also helping the environment and improving animal welfare.”

Karin from VeggieVision TV was delighted to work with Keith on this incredible opportunity and here they take some time out for a Facebook live before checking out the impressive vegan offerings at the Houses of Parliament cafe!

Keith added;

“The MPs who came to my talk have been instrumental in promoting healthy meals and vegetable gardens in schools.  Clearer food labelling on processed foods. Removing confectionery from supermarket checkout isles. Making the cruel tethering of grazing animals illegal. Undertaking a huge study on the causes of obesity with clear solutions. Many of these initiatives are being implemented right now.

They were very interested to hear about the benefits of the fastest growing food trend in the UK at the moment. This healthy trend can reduce obesity which often leads on to Type 2 diabetes as well as the complications this causes obesity doubles the risk of cancer and heart disease.”

It was a room full of people making a big difference in the world – and I was the speaker!”

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