Hunni Jade Palmer, Halana Roma Palmer and Laura Seddon are the women behind the exciting new vegan retreat company Yovedic Retreats!

The team have a wealth of expertise between then including vegan cookery, Ayurvedic living, yoga and reiki. They are all passionate about bringing their clients relaxing, life inspiring retreats where you return home afterwards feeling healthier and with a more positive outlook on life.

We chatted with the team to find out some more…..

Hi ladies! So what makes Yovedic retreats different?

The difference about our retreats compared with others is that we offer a vegan diet plan integrated with Ayurvedic principles. This is shown in the sattvic vegan diet plan we follow. We also always hold our retreats in very unique places around the world.

Our price is also very affordable even though we offer an extensive package as we want to make the retreat available to everybody. One of our main priorities at Yovedic Retreats is to create a community and family feel between us and our guests.

There is no separation or hierarchy on our part as the organisers. We take part in the retreat the same as the guests do if we are not directing the workshop.

We always eat together and the guests can use and explore the whole venue as if it is their own home.

Another point which also makes us different is the tailored healing guests receive. Each guest will receive one to one treatments and will leave the retreat with their own personalised Ayurvedic plans and can continue their healing journey. We aim to give our retreaters the knowledge to become their own healers.

Also we aim to have fun and we do not take anything to seriously. Our space is a relaxed and non judgmental environment where all levels of experience are welcome.

Sounds super! So what can guests expect from the retreat?

Beautiful locations, delicious food, fantastic treatments, amazing yoga classes for all levels and fun workshops. You will be made to feel at home and truly be taken care of by the three Yovedic ladies.

You will have the pleasure of meeting a new group of friends to share an amazing journey with. There will also be lots of time to relax and well deserved you time in the beautiful surroundings.

Expect to leave feeling relaxed, light and full of life as well as having learnt lots of new information and also going home with your own tailor made health plan to follow yourself.

What feedback have you have received already?

Our feedback has been amazing and we are so grateful. We have been given 11 out of 10 from all guests who all commented that the retreat exceeded their expectations and more!

‘Life changing’, ‘best retreat ever’ ‘best massage. ‘Fantastic food’ & ‘favourite yoga classes’ are just a few of the comments we have received.

One guest shared how the retreat had been life changing for them and how the change in direction we had given them had led them on to make great changes at home to live a happier, healthier live. All guests have commented on how well they are taken care of by the 3 of us, ‘every single thing was thought of and catered for’.

‘Perfect balance between workshop and classes as well as free time’,

‘There is the right amount of time to relax and unwind and just enough time to focus our minds and learn new skills, stopping us from over thinking and minds from wondering.’

Well as someone who has just enjoyed your Portugal retreat I have to agree. There is no pressure to join in with something if you would rather do something else. However there is encouragement and support which is spot on. 

Who do you feel the retreat is for?


We are very down to earth and welcoming people who would like to have as many mixed and diverse characters join us.

Having a mixed group of people only improves the connections made at the retreat as people can communicate and create relationship with people they might of never met before.

This just adds to learning process and also gives a better understanding of Ayurveda as Ayurveda helps us to understand the different traits in ourselves and others.

What have you got planned for future retreats?

We have several retreats planned for next year. These will be held in unique and exciting locations around Europe. We will revealing our next venue, very soon.

The workshops for each of our retreats will always change giving our guests lots of new information, creative skills and fun idea’s to go home with.

Anything else to add to our VeggieVision viewer?! 

We can’t wait to meet you, lets create some magic!

Karin had the pleasure of being invited to join the recent retreat in Portugal, to get to know the team better, to understand the Yovedic Retreats and to help them spread the word of this wonderful vegan friendly.

Karin is super impressed, loved the retreat and recommends the retreat for single travellers as well as couples and friends. The food is all vegan and is more than enough to satisfy everyone.

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