Here at VeggieVision TV can’t wait for the day when gelatine and other scary, horrible ingredients are banned from food products – and especially from sweets which we all know kids love. KATJES_MCF_PRESSKIT_IMAGES_HiRes_1
So we were really delighted to hear the news that vegan sweet experts Katjes are launching the Worlds First 3D Printer for VEGAN Fruit Gummies! And they are heading our way (to the UK) very soon!
After months of research and development and the success of a Beta Test in Berlin, the team at Katjes Fassin UK Ltd. is delighted to confirm that its flagship product is ready for its debut to the International market.
We have tried the products here at VV TV HQ and loved them. Fresh, long lasting, fun and vegan – it doesn’t get better than that!
The Magic Candy Factory provides the customers with a unique experience too: The belief behind the brand is that innovation is magic and with the Magic Candy Factory everyone can make their own magic to produce special and unique gummy candies in only a few steps.
Customizing at its best: Everyone can create their very own Katjes Candies! Whether it’s a plane, a dinosaur or a classical heart: right now, visitors have the opportunity to choose between 20 different designs and can even write their own name in gummy candy as part of this magic experience. In addition, customers can print greetings on gummy cards to create very individual and delicious gifts.
Every candy lover can then choose a colour & flavor combination and a finishing (sweet, glitter or sour) to finish their own personal masterpiece of candy.
All products which come from the Magic Candy Factory are vegan, gluten free & dairy free. They are made without gelatine and with all natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create something as natural as it is delicious.
A special mixture of natural vegan ingredients is heated up and then applied using a nozzle to produce the different shapes and unique choice of combinations. The shapes were developed by the Katjes team with the help of 3D modelling software, and turned into gcode instructions that tell the printer where, at what speed and what frequency it needs to apply each of the layers. In the lab, nine different colors with corresponding flavors were developed, ranging from yellow (lemon) to a multicolored rainbow ( Mixed fruits blend). These can be applied singly or as a combination. In the future, many more colors and a variety of new flavors are in the pipeline, which can be created to suit the different seasons, cultures, and locations.
Lemon iced tea flavored gummy shaped like the sun?
Strawberry & cream tennis rackets for Wimbledon?
Champagne & Blackcurrant for your wedding day…. There are no limits to the possibilities with the Magic Candy Factory!
In 1910, they started making their famous Katjes licorice cat. The brand has stood for its innovative spirit right from the start. Since 1988, Katjes has been advocating natural ingredients, a path it has stuck to by producing vegetarian fruit gummies. The company joined forces with Melissa Snover in early 2015 and founded Katjes Fassin UK Ltd., based in Birmingham in the UK, to create its state-of-the-art “Magic Candy Factory” and take it to the global market.