We love trying new health and beauty treatments here on VeggieVision TV and Karin was delighted to try out the Iyashi Dôme at My Detox Diet in North Greenwich. 20150930_132029
So you pop in the dome wearing the provided disposable pants and relax for 30 minutes – while the dome burns around 600 calories in 30 minutes and sweats the toxins out of you. 
It does get hotter and hotter so the more you try it the easier it may become – I did last for the 30 minutes however I had to sit down and cool down for 15 minutes afterwards. I would definitely have a dome session again.
My clothes felt a little looser and I feel booking a course will be beneficial detoxwise too.
My Detox Diet tells us….
The Japanese have a traditional therapy of ridding themselves of toxins – the Suna Ryoho- which they have been practicing for centuries. This involved burying themselves in sand on the beach near hot springs, in very specific places with very specific properties. Once they are buried, through sweating, these toxins were expelled.
The Iyashi Dôme was designed to imitate this practice as infrared rays penetrate the body by up to 40mm, therefore you will sweat out toxins from the bloodstream.
One 30 minute session produces the same amount of sweat equivalent to walking over 20km (when the body begins to draw from deep fat reserves), but without the negative effects such as cardiac risks, premature use of the body, development of fatty acids etc.
So its beneficial for skin – anti-aging effect – makes skin softer and appearing younger as well as great for joint pain and muscular relaxation.
We live in a toxic world – stress creates toxins in the body, we inhale 20150930_131845pollution in our air and food, develop allergies, fatigue and cellulite. These toxins and heavy metals are harmful, and often the body will react by retaining water in order to dilute them.
Before reaching a saturation point, the body will produce fat in reaction to the volume and this generates weight gain. The heavy metals cannot mix with water so are assimilated into the fat cells in our bodies.
For more details have a look at: http://mydetoxdiet.co.uk/shop/iyashi-dome
My Detox Diet is open for lunch and delicious freshly squeezed juices. They also provide a super freshly squeezed postal juice service too.
Have a look here for more details: http://mydetoxdiet.co.uk