Here is our round up of vegan essentials for super skin, hair, energy and perhaps an aid to reach your optimum weight levels….
Finally! A vegan friendly pre hair oil conditioner that doesn’t use chemicals…. Hairapeutix is a revolutionary pre-shampoo treatment made with a signature blend of natural oils and organic ingredients. The nourishing treatment is designed to be used BEFORE washing your  hair, which encourages the absorption of their unique treatment for long lasting, effective results. The pre-shampoo treatment is vegan- friendly, made with natural ingredients and is free from silicones, parabens and chemical nasties.
We massaged in the hair and left over night – washed off in the morning and our hair felt and looked wonderful.
SkinYoga is a 100% Natural and Vegan friendly skincare brand from India which aims to create products inspired from ancient times that adapt to our modern day lifestyle. Not only are the products completely natural they are also Cruelty Free.
Every ingredient in the SkinYoga product is procured from its place of origin where nature plays its role to produce them, not pesticides and plant growth hormones.
The products are completely dry which ensures that the ingredients are in their most active state and when ready to use simply activate by mixing with water.
Like Yoga discipline the products are designed in accordance with the principles of harmony and balance, free of Toxins and chemicals SkinYoga is based on the premise that true skincare evolves in synergy with nature.
There are 9 products within the range which cover the Face, Body and Feet.
We loved using this as a facial scrub and as a mask. Our reviewers skin felt soft without the product being too harsh. “I LOVE this!”
Holland & Barrett Timed Release Busy B Complex with Vitamin C Caplets 500mg £8.49

  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism & the reduction of tiredness & fatigue
  • Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Their timed release formula is designed to provide longer lasting action as the nutrients are released over an extended period of time.

“This is something I will now carry on taking.”

Innovative new research from the University of Chichester has revealed how organic matcha can significantly increase fat burning during exercise.  The findings showed that the females had higher fat burning during brisk walking with matcha green tea.
There appeared to be no adverse physiological effects meaning that matcha is also a very healthy alternative to other weight loss products on the market.
Katherine Swift the Founder of OMGTea said: “This amazing new research is the first step in OMGTea’s mission to validate the health claims around matcha, we have more research planned and another very exciting piece which will be published in early 2017 where we have looked at the effect of matcha on breast cancer stem cells”.
We liked this tea here at VV TV and enjoyed adding it to a smoothie too.