Seven Superfood Smoothie Probio7, in partnership with Nutritionist Rick Hay, has developed a Superfood Smoothie to naturally help strengthen your body’s immune system.

Simply blend all ingredients until well mixed.


200-250ml of Oat Milk – beta glucans help with immune and heart health

5 Walnut Halves – antioxidants, vitamin E and omega 3 for skin and heart health

1 tsp each Blackberry and Blueberry Powder / 1 handful Fresh – immune support from vitamin C and phytonutrients

1 tsp Linseed – protein, fibre and essential fatty acids for immune, skin and digestive health

1 tsp Almond Butter – rich in nutrients and antioxidants

½ a Banana – tryptophan to boost serotonin levels

Rick tells VeggieVision TV; “When combined with a daily dose of probio7 immune+ this healthy super shake delivers an array of nutrients to support immune, digestive and nervous system function as well as heart health.”

70% of the immune system lays along the digestive tract.  With no need to refrigerate, the capsules provide daily immune support on-the-go for those aged 12 years and over.

Containing well researched strains of friendly bacteria alongside a clinically proven natural beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, wellmune®. probio7 immune+ is complemented with vitamin d to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Rick adds “Probio7 supplements are like a gut health turbo charger with healthy bacteria to support digestive function. the bacterial strains and co factors used in the formulas are well researched and have been shown to help to maintain a healthy balance of gut flora. a healthy microbiome is fundamental to overall health and may even help with cognition, mood and energy levels.”

We have tried this smoothie here at VeggieVision TV and OMG – it is fantastic!