We are delighted that leading dating energy expert Valerie Campbell has given us her top tips on; How To Attract Your ‘Mr Right’ Even If You Feel Like A Magnet For The Wrong Type Of Men!

On our dating site for likeminded veg*ans we are asked all sorted of questions and this is one that has cropped up several times!

Valerie tells us;

“Being single is great and has its perks! However if what you desire is your ‘Mr Right’ and all you keep attracting is ‘Mr Wrong’  then something needs to give because they’re your results.. You see ‘you’ll never catch a ball unless you’re ready to catch it’. So if you want a great ‘Catch’ you had better get ready! So let’s observe some of the characteristics necessary, to attract your ideal match.”

  1. Are you allowing him to pursue you?
    If he isn’t taking the lead and calling, texting or advancing the relationship then you’re dating the wrong man. When a man wants something in life, he’ll go after it.
  2. Are you sleeping with him on the first date?
    The most attractive word to a man is ‘no’… as it suggests you place a high value on yourself. No one respects a freebie in any facet of life. Waiting allows him time to appreciate you and form an emotional connection.
  3. Is your dress code right?
    Your dress code is an external representation of how you feel about yourself. ie.self-respect and self-confidence. It is your attitude about yourself that a man will adopt. Are you wearing attire that reflects a high self- value?
  4. Do you mention the x-boyfriend on your first couple of dates?
    You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Whilst on a date don’t give the impression that you’re still hung up on an old flame!
  5. Are you hating on other women?
    Don’t put other women down in order to make yourself look good. When you compare yourself you are lowering yourself. In your date’s eyes, he’ll see your insecurity and it will repel him!
  6. Valuing and expressing your wants?
    A high value, self-respecting man will be attracted to a woman who won’t let someone walk all over her. Be an independent thinker and confident in expressing your opinion and what you want.
  7. Confrontational and argumentative? 
    When you appear more aggressive you appeal to his instinct to compete as you will be in your masculine energy.  A softer approach, ie. in your feminine energy, when expressing your opinion appeals to his instinct to protect, thus leading to a harmonious relationship.
  8. Too much? …Overcompensating?
    Don’t try too hard to impress him, too hard to win him over, too hard to be sexy, too touchy feely, too ‘chatty- chatty! Being too eager to please reeks of desperation and is a kiss of death to his attraction.
  9. Do you express appreciation?
    Nothing will make a guy run away quicker than an unappreciative woman. Take nothing for granted and express your appreciation in acknowledgement of his efforts and this includes accepting compliments with grace.
  10. Are You Delusional?
    The movie Fatal Attraction springs to mind. Instead of seeing things as they really are, are you are in fantasy land, futuring before the man has chosen you? Enjoy the ‘now’ and allow the relationship to develop naturally.

I hope you got value out of the above! If you want a FREE Vibes check to see where you’re going wrong then book a call with me!