We LOVE finding new vegan products here on VV TV – however what is even better…..? Someone doing all of the hard work for you so you can sit back and enjoy brand new hard to find delicious vegan goodies – and even more fantastic when they are all under one roof. 

Simon Pell is the founder of the online vegan shop Dairy Free Triangle – and we were very excited to hear about Dairy Free Triangle before it was even a thing!  And now a year later the business is going well and Simon is an expert on brand new vegan delights that are new to the UK!

Why did you set up Dairy Free Triangle and how did you come up with this name?

We set up Dairy Free Triangle as we were buying the hard to find products ourselves from Germany and thought there needed to be a good outlet in the UK. We loved the new vegan products so much – we wanted to share them with fellow vegans as well as tempt people who are looking for great animal free “alternatives.”

And the name is a play on Dairylea Triangle which we thought was funny but in reality there are three of us in the house making us a Dairy Free Triangle!

Ahhhh…! So do you get a mix of people buying from you or mainly vegans?

We find it’s a mix of people at the vegan Fairs we attend who love the samples and decide to buy.

Well vegan food is for everyone isn’t it? And when they taste how amazing the food is that’s another vegan seed planted! Where do you see Dairy Free Triangle in 5 years Simon?

Hopefully we will keep expanding the online side with all the hard to find products, and a move to a physical shop/Deli would be great!

Sounds amazing- keep us posted! What’s your favourite product that you stock Simon?

Will do! And my favourite product is definitely the Meetlyke vegan Bacon and Bratwursts, I can have more than one can’t I?!

Of course! I’m not sure what we loved the best…..all really good quality products….. What has been a surprise for you – maybe selling really well?

I am always surprised the quantity of a product people buy, 6 jars of Follow your Heart Veganaise is not unusual or 10 or more packs of Mozzarella happens also. The sweets seems to sell really well also, especially at vegan Fairs when we have samples.

6 jars??!! And we thought we were greedy!! Hahaha! Tell us….Why should people shop at Dairy Free Triangle?

That’s the big question really. We are a small home based shop so try to keep the customer informed if something will be delayed, we try to treat the customer as we would like to be treated, so good customer service, with quick replies. Our aim is to provide the hard to find products that we think people will miss when they become vegan and we like ourselves.

We love it – and it is so important to support the small business owner …. do you have any last words for the VeggieVision TV viewer?

Finding good quality vegan food can be difficult in the main stream shops, the good products appear and then disappear so support the smaller independent shops and web shops as much as you can. There is a huge variety of good quality vegan food and treats out there. Yes they can be more expensive, especially with postage added but stick with them, the more it becomes main stream the better it is for everyone.

The goodies we tried here at VV TV were packaged well and arrived safely and quickly. Although we like to feel we know about new vegan products we had not seen the vegan bacon before or the vegan mascapone. This took our dairy free cheese cake to a whole new level!! The products were all delicious AND they were one of the first to stock WHITE VEGO too!

Well thank you for doing what you do Simon and we wish you all the best with Dairy Free Triangle!