Time to spring clean the VV TV HQ and what better way to test out the latest and greatest vegan, ethical and elbow grease removing products to make this job easier leaving you and your home feeling fresh.

Aroma Care Solutions

The cleaning squad at VVTV HQ are extremely impressed by this range. The Bio Enzyme formula is seriously good stuff and leaves any surface squeaky clean and smelling fresh with the carpet powder making rugs and floors smelling like a spring time meadow.

A unique collection of professional grade cleaning, hygiene, odour elimination, protection and clean-up – gently formulated for the home. With high organic content, the products are exquisitely scented leaving a freshness and vibrance that you’ve never experienced before.

Bio-Enzyme Formula: Using bio enzyme technology this Vegan Society Registered formula is used to permanently eliminate nasty niffs and odours. The potency and effectiveness of the formula lies in the activation of it when mixed with water.
Simply: The formula uses bacteria and enzymes that produces a formula which will digest the dirt,grot. A 250mls bottle of the concentrated formula, when diluted makes up 25 x 110mls bottles. Each bottle of live formula lasts up to 4 days

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser: new Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser – effective on 99.999% of nasty germs and bacteria, from MRSA, Norovirus, Listeria and many more! And because it’s alcohol-free it won’t dry out your hands like other hand sanitisers! The Vegan Society Registered hand sanitising gel is expertly formulated for easy and effective cleansing of the hands and nails, while keeping them soft and hydrated.

Deodorising Carpet Powder: With a floral scent comprising of natural essential oils,  the odour control powder formula is used to refresh the smell of carpets and furniture which have been ingrained with nasty odours. The Deodorising Powder for Carpets is now Vegan Society Registered!

Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula: This antibacterial fabric cleaning spray not only kills bacteria, but is as an excellent stain remover. It works on a wide variety of stains from red wine, make-up, blood, mud and many more. It particularly works well as part of the Power Duo especially when it comes to high pigment stains like tomato sauce, start with the Bio-Enzyme Formula to get rid of the stain causing bacteria and then follow up with the Textile Cleansing spray – job done! With added silver, this spray has powerful antibacterial properties and the added natural botanicals mean your textiles are left smelling fresh.


VVTV HQ found the Distinctive washing powder very luxurious leaving clothes smelling fresh and feeling clean even at low temperatures. The Opulence Of Amber fragrance is great for a guy as it has quite a masculine scent and it is great for keeping darker clothes dark without fading.

Distinctive Superior Washing Powder: offers quality fine fragrances for your clothing, skin and home. Plus, the best professional wash results at low temperatures with reduced water consumption. You don’t need to buy a fabric softener or additional stain remover with Distinctive.Why be ordinary when you can be Distinctive? Matching Fabric and Room fragrance and luxury handmade soaps…. Distinctive manufactured the worlds first masculine fragrance in the laundry aisle. “The opulence of amber balanced with the calming notes of sandalwood” which was bench-marked the fragrance to beat in 2014. It is still the best scent in laundry – but we are a little biased. 

Distinctive’s Relaxing fragrance Room Spray comprises of a fresh blend of green stems, violet leaves, white blossom, a blend of five essential oils including ylang ylang, Jasmine, patchouli, eucalyptus, plus moss and musk. It is a beautiful home fragrance based on an essential oils recipe to help calm the senses and relax the mind. Endorsed by the British Sleep Council it was originally designed to help promote a good nights sleep. Feeling a little stressed? Then enjoy the effect of a few sprays to boost fragrance when you iron and why not try leaving a spray in the bedroom and bathroom?


Astonishe’s vast range of products is simply ASTONISHNG!, from multi surface cleaning sprays, dishwasher tablets, hand soaps, oven and hob cleaners, tile and mirror sprays, cup cleaners, mildew remover, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and more…honestly they produce everything you could possibly need to get your home sparkling and the best bit is they are ALL VEGAN!

When it comes to doing things right that doesn’t just include cleaning results. Astonish are proud pioneers of animal-friendly household cleaning products. Astonish have never tested their products on animals or used animal ingredients. Simple. They aim to be a shining example of how to deliver cleaning products which get the job done without the need to test them on animals. Astonish are still the only UK manufactured household cleaning brand which is approved by Cruelty Free International, The Vegan and Vegetarian Society making then quite simply squeaky clean.

Big thanks to all companies mentioned in this post for sending us their products to review in this advertisement feature.

VeggieVision TV says…….

Do check out Vegan Society registered products to make sure your cleaning products are vegan friendly. Support your local health-food stores too – many of these carry cruelty free cleaning products. Many regular brands and/or their ingredients have been tested on animals and can contain scary chemicals as well as animal ingredients too. Make sure you go for more natural and vegan friendly cleaning products!