Open to vegans, vegetarians, and meat reducers aged 65 and over, the club offers attendees the chance to learn new dishes, get tips from an experienced vegan chef, and meet like-minded people from across the UK.

Chef Justina - Roving Chef at VfL

The club takes places through Zoom on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Recipes are provided in advance, so you have plenty of time to get the ingredients. Cook that morning and then join Vegetarian for Life Chef Justina, along with attendees from across the UK, at 1pm.

Justina is a Culinary Arts Management graduate who brings knowledge and passion for sustainable, plant-based eating. She has managed a variety of groups of chefs and created her own menus, working in both Italian and theatre restaurants. Justina is passionate about experimenting with different/unusual flavours and baking. She enjoys travelling and seeking inspiration in cuisines around the globe.

Recipes take a different theme each month and are noted below for the rest of the year….

The next club on:

25th OctoberBake off take 2

Spinach Pie


22nd NovemberPumpkin Perfection

Roasted Butternut Squash Mac N’ Cheese

Chocolate and Orange Pumpkin Pie

13th December – Festive Fun

A vegan Christmas meal – brought forward due to Christmas!

Mushroom and “Steak” Steamed Pudding

Rich Fruit Cake

Christmas Syllabub  


Chocolate and Orange Pumpkin Pie (c) FlavourPhotos

“As always, there is no need to cook all of the recipes. You can choose just one or two, or simply join the lunch club with a cup of tea or what you’re having for your lunch that day”.

Attendees have told the charity, which supports older vegans and vegetarians:

“It was a lovely lunchtime meet up, with lots of pie!” and: “It was really nice to attend for the first time yesterday. Thank you.”

Prospective attendees are invited to join the Facebook group at where they can socialise with others and watch a demonstration of the dishes being made.

They can email [email protected] to find out more, or to book your place and get the Zoom link and password. Or call the VfL office on 0161 257 0887.

If technology and Zoom in particular are new to you, visit  call 0800 048 7642, or email [email protected] for help. If you’re already tech savvy, all you’ll need to do is open the Zoom link in your internet browser and join the meeting.

V for Life is the world’s only charity working on behalf of older vegans and vegetarians.

It runs its own veggie pen- and phone-pals scheme; provides information on the veggie-friendly care homes that it works with; and offers grants to support independent living. And if you’ve ever wondered how your dietary beliefs would be protected should you lose capacity, V for Life has the answers.


Social media platforms: Twitter @VfL_UK | Facebook /VfLUK/

Some super feedback:

“It’s been so enlightening, encouraging of new recipes but also the opportunity to ask questions about your own circumstance/taste and input from other members.  I would really miss it if it were to end”.

“Lovely lunch time meet up with lots of pie! Thank you Justina”

“It was really nice to attend for the first time yesterday”

“Just to let you know that my husband and I really enjoyed our first lunch club with Justina.  We look forward to participating regularly – it’s a fabulous idea and your website and resources are brilliant.”

 “I noticed on the zoom meeting today that my husband was able to speak more easily than when we participate in zoom events tailored specifically to the needs of his neurological condition.  I think what made the difference was that he was more fully engaged with something he feels passionate about and it probably made him feel more part of everyday life – so thank you for the opportunity to participate.”