Honey Bunny Lashes is the UK’s first fully vegan and cruelty free luxury lash brand. High end, super high quality lashes – that are the closest thing to mink without being mink.

These gorgeous lashes are stacked and layered and have tapered ends to mimic the natural makeup of fur. The glue is non-animal tested and suitable for vegans meaning no animal ingredients are used. The glue is tested using high tech software that analyses the components to eliminate the need for animals.

This exciting new brand has been created by passionate vegan and lash lover Lia Ludlow, 12 years vegan and 20 years meat free.

Animal lover Lia, 34, and grew up in a mostly vegetarian family who rescues animals, from pigeons to ferrets and goats, horses, donkeys, snakes, parrots, geese, chickens, rabbits cats dogs guinea pigs and chinchillas!

Lia says; “I started this brand as mink lashes seemed to be taking over the beauty industry and I was never at ease buying lashes from businesses that supported the mink fur trade.

It was hard to find non animal tested glue, and most faux mink lashes were a bit boring! I wanted the long, fluffy fullness of mink lashes … and without harming animals.   

I had a collection of over 100 false eyelashes and had owned three previous businesses when I started Honey Bunny Lashes, and I knew I had to combine my passions of entrepreneurship and veganism, with my love of high end, luxury  products for everyone to enjoy.” Honey Bunny Lashes is brand new and the aim is to bring cruelty free vegan glamour to everyone –  saving animals as well as helping lash lovers to look and feel amazing!

Honey Bunny Lashes start at £10 with free glue with every purchase. These long lasting lashes can be reused up to 25 times making them super long lasting.

Eyelash extensions can cost between £50 to £200 – with sometimes ladies feeling uncomfortable to leave the house when their lash technician isn’t able to fit them in!

As well as much more affordable Honey Bunny Lashes are easy to fit yourself and at a time that works for you.




We are delighted to be working with Honey Bunny Lashes and can confirm the products are of a very high quality too.