We jumped at the chance of trying out some new vegan options at wagamama recently… they are a firm fav amongst fellow vegans especially now their whole menu is 50 per cent plant-based.

They are celebrating a whopping 30 years now and I don’t think I have ever seen a wagamamas without a queue outside either!

wagamama CEO Thomas Heier told us: “At wagamama we believe enjoying food is central to enjoying life. Not only do we create food which leaves guests feeling nourished physically, but our benches and restaurants are designed to bring people together to connect, so they leave feeling nourished mentally too. A holistic approach to health is what we’ve always believed in, fuelling body and mind with quality food, quality relationships and quality thoughts.

Thomas added: “We’re so proud of our 50% plant-based menu and we’re committed to encouraging more people to experience our plant-based options for themselves to help make a sustainable difference for our planet.

We couldn’t resist the spicy teriyaki vegan ‘chicken’ hirata steamed buns to start with – they are so good! And went for the sticky vegan ‘ribs’ although a bit silly though as we opted for the spicy vegan short ‘rib’ ramen for the main – and these are all on our list to have again.

Sticky miso corn is yet another new plant-based hero added this menu launch – made up of corn-on-the-cob roundels coated in sticky spicy sauce and finished with sesame seeds and spring onion. This is one for next time!

And there was a bit of room left for the banana katsu and chocolate orange cake with vegan ice-cream. A far cry from every vegans dessert nightmare – fruit salad!

wagamama says that adopting a plant-based diet has been increasingly recognised as a key choice we can all make to help the climate crisis, as they say that research shows it could reduce the amount of land used for agriculture by 76% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food by up to 49%. (Schiermeier, eat less meat, 2019 & IPCC, Special Report on Climate Change & Land, 2019).

They have led in making delicious plant-based food accessible and full of flavour after being the first multi-site UK restaurant business to offer a vegan menu on the high street.

Since then, wagamama has made vegan versions of all their most popular dishes, collaborated with vegan chef Gaz Oakley to bring guests a vegan ‘egg’, turned watermelon into ‘tuna’ and eliminated red meat from their test kitchen menu in Old Street, London.

Every year, wagamama sees an increasing number of people giving vegan dishes a go and now just under 20% of their guests choose to go plant-based.

“For us, it will always be about creating incredible soulful dishes, which happen to be plant-based – meaning, we aim for our vegan dishes to excite every guest no matter their dietary preferences.”

wagamama: our story and our food ‘kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’ is the philosophy that sits right at our heart. It shapes every dish we create, and pushes us to find better ways in all that we do. We’re restless spirits, forever creating and making things better.

We’ve been practising kaizen since 1992, when we opened our first doors in London’s Bloomsbury. Inspired by fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars and a celebration of Asian food, wagamama burst into life. We set out to create a unique way of eating; bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavours of Asia to all.

A warming bowl of bold ramen, teppan dishes griddled to perfection or if you would rather rice, you’re in luck – their menu features many Japanese favourites and their authentic menus are updated seasonally.

Check out more of their delicious vegan options here: wagamama!