We can’t quite believe we’re saying this however… 2023 marks the 20th Anniversary of Vendula London. Of course, Vendula London is celebrating in true Vendula style with a brand-new collection of stunning vegan handbags and accessories that celebrates their journey and impressive back catalogue of designs.


The team are delighted to introduce their little love letter to the world of Vendula; The Vendula Emporium…..  they have released all of their most popular shapes for this range, from their classic Grace bag to the Bella crossbody bag.

“The colourful artwork may remind you of our much-missed Covent Garden shop: the pink and white wallpaper, timeless décor and the accessories display, everything’s there.”

Vendula London fans, “Vendulettes”, may also spot a bag from their own collection in the window.  The collection also comes wrapped in a Vendula Emporium Canvas Tote Bag instead of our classic pink dust bag…


The Vendula Emporium Grace Bag, £180

Do you want to celebrate our 20th anniversary in style? Treat yourself to The Vendula Emporium Grace Bag! This vegan leather bag can be carried like a handbag or over the shoulder thanks to the handle and detachable strap. It comes with multiple pockets so your essentials will not only nicely fit in the main compartment, but also be kept organised (have you noticed the exclusive lining?). Moreover, it is adorned with the most festive artwork: party balloons, bunting and a colourful display of our most iconic bags. Which one do you recognise? Do you own any of these? If you don’t, start your collection today with this fantastic grace bag. Hip, hip hooray!



                                                                                The Vendula Emporium Grab Bag, £180


We have created many bags for the past twenty years, but grab bags are – and will always be – our favourite shape. The Vendula Emporium Grab Bag is excellent for daily use as it can fit all of your essentials inside, and it has pockets to keep your belongings organised. The bag handle and strap are detachable, so feel free to use your grab either as a handbag or crossbody/over the shoulder. Colourful details ornate the front and back of this vegan leather bag and we know you will enjoy all of the attention it draws to you. ‘’Where did you get that bag?’’ is a phrase you will hear a lot with this stunner on your arm!

The Vendula Emporium Nova Mini Backpack, £150

The Vendula Emporium Nova Mini Backpack is a little delight made of vegan leather. The colourful artwork may remind you of our much-missed Covent Garden shop: the pink and white wallpaper, the timeless décor and the accessories display, everything’s there! Aside from its pretty aesthetics, the Nova Mini Backpack is also practical as it can fit in your ess

entials and a small wallet, and it can be carried either by the handle or used as a shoulder/crossbody bag, or simply as a backpack, thanks to the detachable straps, which can also be adjusted for extra comfort. Have a wonderful ‘’Hands free, carefree’’ summer with Vendula London – and Happy Anniversary to us!



The Vendula Emporium Bella Bag, £100



Crossbody bags have always been trendy, but The Vendula Emporium Bella Bag is a game changer. All of your essentials will fit in and be kept safe at all times thanks to the bag’s spacious double compartment and zip closing.

The adjustable strap allows you to carry your Bella bag comfortably, over the shoulder or as a crossbody. And because a Vendula bag wouldn’t be a Vendula bag without some head-turning artwork, check out this shopfront fit for the occasion. It’s time to pop the cork and raise our glasses to Vendula London, our dear Vendulettes, and hope for many more years of making the vegan fashion world a brighter place!

The Vendula Emporium Pouch Bag, £70

As we prepare to blow our candles out, let’s make a wish: that you will love The Vendula Emporium Pouch Bag as much as we do! This vegan leather bag is ideal for everyday use because it has plenty of space for your essentials, and pockets for any extras. It can be worn as a crossbody bag, over the shoulder, used as a clutch or as a makeup bag by clipping the strap on or off.

It sports an exclusive anniversary lining and truly unique artwork with printed and embossed colourful details at the front and back, that will give you a sophisticated look and make heads turns wherever you go. Are you ready? One, two, three, *whoosh*… has our wish been granted?

The Vendula Emporium Large Ziparound Wallet, £45

‘’Carry your most important goal in your wallet’’, as long as it’s The Vendula Emporium Large Ziparound Wallet! It is made of vegan leather and looks incredible with colourful details and a blend of printed and embossed elements. This golden wallet can be used all year round and it will fit in most bags. And with plenty of space for your cards, wallets and notes, as well as a safe zip closing, it is just what you need to match to your Vendula Emporium Grace, Grab or Bella bag.

The Vendula Emporium Square Wallet, £35

Not a fan of big wallets? Then the Vendula Emporium Square Wallet might be for you! For extra style points, combine it with your Vendula Emporium handbag, but it is small enough to fit in any other bag. It is made of vegan leather and is adorned with the cutest artwork to celebrate 20 years of Vendula – look at that gorgeous cat at the back! It comes with an internal pocket for coins, a few card slots and enough space for notes and receipts. It is suitable for Vendulettes of all ages so, why not get one for yourself and one for your bestie or mini Vendulette?



The Vendula Emporium Key Charm, £20

Because a special occasion requires a special treat, let us introduce you to The Vendula Emporium Key Charm! In the shape of a handbag, this little accessory made of vegan leather is a must-have. It features similar art

work to the Vendula Emporium bags and wallets, and it looks so cute that you will want to stare at it all the time. Clip it to your keys or use it as a charm for your Vendula Emporium bag, and show it off to your loved ones. One thing’s for sure: it will make a splash, just like its predecessors!

The Vendula Emporium Canvas Tote Bag, £15

Here’s a bag you’ll never go without! The Vendula Emporium Canvas Tote Bag is foldable and fits in any handbag. It is made of recycled canvas and comes with a 20th anniversary print at the front. This tote bag has a roomy compartment which allows it to be used to carry either your lunch box, library books or groceries, and it can even be used as a beach bag when the summer weather returns. Whether it is bought as a treat or as a gift, you can be sure that The Vendula Emporium Canvas Tote Bag will bring a big smile to its owner, no matter what age they are!