Fresh vegan skincare brand RINGANA has launched its popular RINGANA travel sets with even more eco-friendly containers. As of now, their fresh skin care for when you’re travelling comes in pouches….

And we can vouch for them – several trips now through various airports and we sailed through!

These practical foil pouches are 100% PCR – post-consumer recycled plastic. Mono-material is the ultimate pioneer in terms of recycling, and its 100 per cent recyclability makes it a real winner. Other improved sustainability features are a 20% reduction in the packaging weight, and very good emptiability. And thanks to the oxygen barrier layer,their high-quality formulations are protected even better than before.

The perfect holiday companion – well-groomed from head to toe.

With their handy vegan friendly FRESH travel sets you don’t have to compromise, even on holiday, and you can take them on any flight in hand luggage:

Available in three different versions to suit every skin type –  FRESH travel set light, FRESH travel set medium and FRESH travel set rich – plus, in the interests of sustainability, each set comes in a handy, transparent RINGANA travel bag (approx. 20 x 25 cm) made of recycled PET.

Naturally, they are ensuring that men also can use sustainable skin care when they’re out and about with their FRESH travel set for men.

FRESH travel set medium in handy travel sizes. Contents: FRESH body wash, FRESH shampoo, FRESH stay fresh, FRESH deodorant, FRESH tooth oil, Fresh body milk, FRESH foot balm, FRESH hand balm, FRESH cleanser, FRESH tonic pure, FRESH cream medium, FRESH hydro serum, 260 ml for € 63.90


FRESH cleanser helps to remove dirt and make-up gently yet thoroughly. The high-end FRESH tonic pure reduces the skin’s oil content and hydrates facial skin, while their FRESH hydro serum gives the face an additional maximum boost of moisturisation. Complemented with a face cream specially designed for different skin types (FRESH cream light, FRESH cream medium or FRESH cream rich) you’ll have the perfect beauty routine.


FRESH body milk supplies skin with the nutrients it needs and also soothes the skin optimally when you’re travelling. You can groom stressed feet with FRESH foot balm, and FRESH hand balm is the ideal care product for brittle nails and dry hands.


FRESH body wash and FRESH shampoo ensure that your body and hair are perfectly clean, and at the same time they deliver lots of hydration and natural shine. Protection against sweat and undesirable odours – entirely without aluminium salts – is provided by FRESH deodorant. FRESH tooth oil ensures effective tooth care and fresh breath whether you’re at home or out and about, while with FRESH stay fresh you have a cleansing foam with you that instantly transforms normal toilet paper into a wet wipe.

And best of all – everything is vegan!!