A super week here at VeggieVision towers….
We are delighted to announce that VeggieVision TV is now approved by The Vegetarian Society.
Karin has been a member for many years and for the past 2 years has been invited to present awards at the Vegetarian Society award celebrations in London.
At the last event she received a huge round of applause when thanking the society – inspiring VeggieVision TV to move forward.
This week also saw an interview with Hotel Business magazine on how to cater for vegans and vegetarians.
Karin wrote for Fresh Produce Journal about how the industry can better market fruit and vegetables, how to increase consumption and get people to try cooking new things including more fruit and veg.
And also Karin also wrote an article about How to Veganise your food for Social & Personal the Winner of Ireland’s Most Influential Fashion Magazine 2011.vegetarian_society_approved