Join Tim Barford and Karin Ridgers for episode 4 of VegfestUK Chat. Filled with news, good gossip and of course some fantastic special guests from within the vegan world in the latest VegfestUK Chat live stream available live on both Facebook and YouTube and you can see it here on VV TV now too.

Another double bill for episode 4 – the great Christopher Sebastian and the fabulous Jeremy Cunningham from The Levellers join Karin and Tim in the VegfestUK Chat hot seat to chat about everything from justice to the lockdown, music to the future. Not to be missed!

VegfestUK Chat is a live online vegan chat show currently in it’s first series and features special guests, vegan news including new projects and initiatives on the horizon, as well as some amazing vegan brands all wrapped up in a tidy and compact series of 1-hour episodes.

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