Robert Orchanian creator of VEDGE’ Kids – (Vigorous, EDucated and Good Eating.) tell us more about his exciting project;
Our plan is to be on cable/network TV within the next 24 months. Though nothing is firm at this point in time, we have a strong indication of interest from an Emmy Award winning production company, a major broadcaster and a funding company…
Our goal is to mold a generation of children’s lives by inspiring them to grow up healthy.
“We have partnered with 2 well know Universities in the US to further research and develop the Vedge’ Kids animation. We are highly confident that this will lead to major funding opportunities under the category of Childhood Obesity Prevention and Nutrition Education.
We have continued to attract the highest level of talent because the Vedge’ Kids project is seen as doing so much good for so many children world wide. In addition, the Vedge’ Kids are produced with the highest production values. This in turn attracts some super people.”
Passionate about healthy eating for kids Rob first told VeggieVision TV about his exciting ideas a few years ago so we are delighted to see his fun video and hear his extremely catchy song!