Veg Fest Tim and I were excited and a bit nervous too about our Star Quiz – Will everyone turn up?
Will it work out OK?
Will everyone have a giggle?

Well with thanks to our new friends at we can now show you the quiz in its entirety.

We are so grateful to our super Star Quiz supporters for taking time out of their busy lives to take part. What stars :O)

So sit back with a glass of organic red, some vegan snacks and find out….

Who had a mouse in their hair?
Who paid their kids to eat healthy food?
Who played Alan Carrs pregnant wife?
And who has the best answers to those annoying veggie questions we are always asked…..

With many thanks to our lovely Star Quiz team players:
The amazingly talented veggie Jeremy Cunningham from The Levellers
The hilarious and super vegan actor Steve Trister
The incredible and rather uber strong vegan Patrik Baboumian
The brilliant vegan presenter, author and animal advocate Wendy Turner Webster
The stunning former model, K 9 Angel and vegan voice for animals Victoria Eisermann
And the passionate authority on healthy eating for kids raw vegan Karen Ranzi
We love you guys! xx