VeggieVisionTV brings you the latest yummy foods to hit the vegan shelves. Get those expandable waist belts at the ready. 

Charming Bakery

Super moorish – chewy and perfect as a brownie should be! Delicious!

Mixed Vegan Brownie Box:

In this bountiful box are indulgent Vegan Dark Chocolate Brownies, made with 72% dark vegan chocolate. Vegan Blueberry Blondies, with blueberries and creamy white vegan chocolate, topped with white chocolate drizzle. Vegan Chocolate & Walnut Brownies, soft, rich and fudgey, topped with chopped walnuts.

A delectable and delicious box of brownies.

Comes in a Charming Bakery box – or why not upgrade to a hand-designed tin?




Filling and great to use in recipes. We made a vegan Spag Bol using the mince and it was spot on!


Since HECK arrived on the vegan scene back in 2015 with its plant-based sausages, the Yorkshire food firm’s range has continued to grow in size and popularity, and now they’ve added two new lines too – Vegan Mince (£3 for 400g) and Vegan Italia Burgers (£2 x 2 burgers).

Both are available from Tesco and via mail order from Pea-based Vegan Mince is lightly seasoned with tomato, salt, pepper and a touch of paprika, so it’s ready to use and perfect as the base for a wide range of mid-week recipe favourites. Based on HECK’s popular sausages of the same name, the fava bean-based Vegan Italia Burgers are brilliant for the BBQ and packed with tomato, basil, garlic and vegan cheese. Grill or lightly pan fry and load up in a bun with favourite toppings and sauces. Both are soya-free, gluten-free, high protein, high fibre and low fat


Super easy to use – tip ingredients in and shake! We love that these are freeze dried to lock in goodness. Great for busy people!

Whole body health is not about strange supplements, crazy diets and unsustainable regimes. Our bodies thrive on real, natural foods. Foga’s mission is to help you feel your best, by harnessing the ancient power of fruit & veg in a way that fits into your modern life.

From the moment it is picked, fruit & veg start to lose nutrients to oxidation. In the days and weeks between harvest & shop shelf, the decline can be significant. Freeze drying stops oxidation in its tracks, meaning you get all the health benefits you should helping you feel better and waste less.

“We have rigorous standards with our suppliers. 98% of the ingredients we source are from Organic farmers, which means less pesticide pollution, healthier soils, and more nutritious produce. With 60 years of farmable soil left, supporting ethical, organic farmers who work with nature, is one of the most sustainable impacts we can have on our food system.”




These are the most fresh juices I have ever tried – just delicious!! They taste like someone has juiced and served to you immediately – will defiantly order again. 

SO PERF juices and probiotic bars – a new health and well-being brand championing the importance of gut and health. A healthy gut is a prerequisite for good overall health and functioning of the body, a strong immune system, general wellbeing, better mood, healthy ageing and efficient metabolism to stimulate fat burning throughout the day.

Natural fibre is key in an athlete’s diet as it slows down the passage of food through the digestive tract and the release of natural sugar into the bloodstream. That leads to better blood sugar control and more even energy levels. SO PERF are the only bars on the market to contain 15 grams of fibre which make them a perfect training component for not only more control whilst on the pitch but for  keeping hunger at bay too.

Crosstown DonutsCrosstown

These are far too good. No more words needed! I need more Crosstown!


Vegan doughnuts using plant-based alternative ingredients to achieve the same tastes and textures everyone enjoys in their original doughnuts.

Using chia seeds and coconut butter in their dough, and a varying combination of oat milk, coconut butter, dairy-free dark chocolate and silken tofu to make the fillings and glazes.

Crème Brûlée (ve)- crafted with Crosstown’s award-winning vegan sourdough, filled with smooth Tongan vanilla custard and topped with caramelised sugar. Available to order for store collection and for delivery across London and Cambridge.

Yuzu Scroll with Berry Lime Glaze (ve) – available in Favourites, Vegan and Nut-Free boxes, in-store and for delivery across London and Cambridge. Also available in the Seasonal Doughnut Box exclusively available for nationwide delivery (England, Wales and Lowland Scotland).


A lovely sweet treat – really fresh too… as well as a lovely gift for someone.

Floozie Cookie offers signature “stuffed cookies”  in five flavours and a seasonally changing sixth option.

These freshly baked cookies are best enjoyed straight away at room temperature or slightly warmed (5 minutes on a baking tray in a preheated oven at 160c or 20 seconds in a microwave, be careful the middle may be hot).

If you wish to store them they will keep in an airtight container for up to five days.

Floozie Cookies can be frozen for up to three months. To eat defrost completely and heat as per instructions above.

Floozie Cookie will also provide UK-wide delivery. A range of plant based milks and hot chocolates are also be available in store.



I absolutely love this range – from the metal scooper to the glass bottles. It all feels special. The range tastes great. Creamy and filling. I love this brand!

Nourishing and natural vegan meal shakes – perfect for a breakfast on the go which is kind to your body and the planet. The meal shakes are packed full of wholefoods, proteins and slow-release carbohydrates which keep you fuller for longer and are naturally low in calories too.

Nutribuddy’s new product Eco-PlantMilk contains just three natural ingredients; gluten-free oats, salt and Stevia.

It has a long shelf-life compared to standard vegan milks which means there’s less food waste. The powder is compact which means it’s space saving for transport – another eco tick in the box. Oats are also more eco-friendly than almonds, soy and coconut, as they require less water and produce less carbon emissions. Eco-PlantMilk can be consumed as a glass of milk or as a liquid to add to Nutribuddy shakes and cereals.



Made a curry from Tastesmiths last night – it was fantastic and easy to use. Added in some vegan chicken pieces and lots of veggies. Made enough for the next day – however it all went!

Cooking a curry from scratch isn’t always easy, as often the recipe calls for a lengthy list of spices that can be tricky to find. But with a pre-measured Tastesmiths kit, curry lovers can whip up authentic-tasting, restaurant-worthy dishes from home with very little fuss and no waste.

And to celebrate National Curry Week (7-12 October) they’ve added a NEW Berbere Curry kit inspired by the popular spice blend that’s a staple in the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea. From a shortlist of four potential new kits, customers were asked to vote for their favourite and the Berbere kit came out firmly on top.



The Artisan Olive Oil Company

Their Pasta d’Alba Organic Turmeric and Durum Wheat Taglioni is the nicest pasta I have ever tried – and their sauces – so rich and flavoursome … I could eat this everyday! I couldn’t say what sauce we preferred as they were all delicious however the Moulins Mahjoub Organic Artisan Pasta Sauce with Green Olives and Lemons … OMG!

The Artisan Olive Oil Company is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of award-winning olive oils and Mediterranean fine foods and ingredients based in London.  We are extremely passionate about tasty and healthy natural products. We find rare products from small artisans who share our passion for quality and taste.

The team started as olive oil sommeliers, tasting a large selection of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils. They visited many of the most awarded olive oil producers in Italy, Spain and Tunisia and use chemical and sensory analysis to identify excellent olive oils.


Hifas da Terra 

I added the Cordyceps Vital powder into my home made mushroom soup for a superfood boost – we all loved it!

When it comes to health and beauty benefits, mushrooms are simply magnificent, and with that in mind, mushroom bioscience experts, Hifas da Terra – the world’s number one researcher and manufacturer of medicinal mushrooms – have launched a range of organic mushroom superfood powders.

The range harnesses the incredible benefits of some of the most powerful varieties, including lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps, for better immunity, anti-aging, good digestion and more energy. By adding just a tablespoon or two to your food or drink (we love it in hot chocolate), you can start to feel their incredible benefits.

Unlike other mushrooms which are farmed indoors, in unnatural conditions, or on grains,  Hifas da Terra grows its mushrooms under the canopy of their magnificent certified organic chestnut tree forest of 120, 000 trees and on organic wood chips in climate controlled mushroom sheds. They are hand-picked, and sun-dried in order to maintain their optimum nutritional value, keeping vitamins, proteins and enzymes intact.




A tasty topping on pasta … and protein packed! 

Introducing Grattino, the perfect, versatile plant-based, dairy-free parmesan alternative to enrich almost any meal!  Made from cashews, macadamia nuts, a splash of water and a hint of salt, this truly adaptable product can be added to a wide range of dishes as a delicious seasoning.

This fermented nut delicacy is a staple in vegan cooking and adds a new dimension of flavour to spice up your favourite dishes. Nuts are amongst the most nutrient-dense foods, so as well as adding delicious parmesan cheese flavour to dishes, Grattino is also giving you that added boost of nutrients!





A massive thanks to these brands for sending over their fantastic products for us to review here at VeggieVision TV for this advertising feature.