Part 2 of our exclusive interview with passionate vegan Victoria Eisermann – new VV TV presenter and writer. photo (6)
VV- We know you are on a vegan journey for all beauty products too – can you tell us more? 
VE- Yes. I feel becoming vegan has definitely opened my eyes and made me ask questions to where things come from. In the last 10 years since becoming vegan I have learned so much about the leather and cosmetics industries and how products are produced.
I started to wean myself off leather 2 years ago once I learnt the horrid facts to how it’s produced. Like most people I thought leather was a by product to the meat industry not that I was comfortable with that fact but I’m certainly not comfortable to think an animal would be killed just for its skin!
Pola, the Co-founder of K-9 Angels and I, collaborated with a luxury vegan shoe company Bourgeois Boheme  to produce some stunning pleather boots with proceeds going to help dogs.
Again with cosmetics and beauty products I now only use cruelty free organic products Earthzest organics.
VV- What are your plans for 2015 and onwards?
VE- I plan to help as many dogs as possible. My charity plans to expand the shelter we built to house more street dogs. I will cycle 400 miles to raise as much money as possible to help dogs. Also to spread as much awareness as possible to help stray dogs around the world. I have TV in the pipeline and I may have a radio show too.
I also really want to get my teeth into writing about all things ethical and to inspire as many people as possible to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle.
VV- What advice would you give to people who are just starting out with Veganism? 
VE- I would just advise them on all that I’ve learnt over the last 10 years of being a vegan such as where to eat, what to eat and give them some witty answers as I’m sure they will experience a lot of questions from non-vegans.  
VV- Do you consider yourself an activist? 
VE- I am 100% an activist! My first demo was in Oxford 2006 marching through Oxford town centre against animal testing. Although it’s a very sad and upsetting thing to have to do to but it felt invigorating to be standing up for my animal friends.
VV- What’s your all-time favourite Vegan dish? 
VE- There are so many but I love Thai coconut curry with coconut rice.
VV- Anything you would like to share with the Veggievision TV viewers about what to expect to see from you on VV TV?
I am thrilled to have recently been appointed Vegfest UK official celebrity Blogger and Vlogger and a Vegfest UK official celebrity Presenter too along with Pola and I will bring you regular reviews and videos of all the amazing things the Vegan and ethical world has to offer and I can’t wait to get started!
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