We all love some raw foods however sometimes you just want something a little warmer and not boiled to death! Steaming food is a wonderful way to retain as many nutrients as possible. 
And we are loving this classy looking steamer from www.stellarcookware.co.uk. People have been steaming their food for 1000’s of years! We find that steamed veggies do not lose their flavour, retain their texture and do not end up turning to mash!
So it’s time to get steamy in the kitchen with these gorgeous new additions to the Stellar Premium Collection – the three tier Steamers and Steamer insert.
They are available in five different sizes, ranging from a diminutive 16cm for the small kitchen, to the large 24cm set ideal fo large families, Stellar’s Premium Steamers are made from stunning 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel, practically oozing quality and style.
Each Stellar Three Tier Steamer set contains four components – a base pan with a durable, thermally efficient bottom for quick and even heat distribution, two vented steaming pans with cast helper handles, and a vented glass lid, helping you to stay in control of your cooking.
Alternatively, if you are short of space, a single steamer, with cast handles and fitting glass lid which sits on the top of an existing 16/18 or 20cm pan may be the perfect solution.
Ideal for the healthy and tasty preparation of vegetables, Stellar’s Premium Steamers are dishwasher safe, suitable for use on all hob types, and can even be used in ovens up to 240°C- used without the steamer inserts the base pan and lid also transform into a superb casserole.
Smart, attractive, efficient and healthy, Stellar Premium Steamers come with the reassurance of a Stellar Lifetime Guarantee.
We found it easy to use and our vegetables tasted wonderful.
We also love that with this steamer there are no cross overs of flavour – you can steam your vegetables together and they all retain their own flavours.
Check out www.stellarcookware.co.uk for more super kitchen must haves!
Stellar premium steamers start from £70